Foolproof Ways To Make Your Home Office More Relaxing

The coronavirus pandemic made people across the world drastically change the way they work. Business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders forced people to begin working from home in 2020, continuing into 2021, and it looks like working from home might the future of professionalism.

According to a Pew Research poll published late in 2020, about 20% of the American workforce was working from home before COVID-19 pretty much shut the world down. By the time the poll was conducted, a whopping 71% of respondents were using their home as an office, and another 54% said they would prefer working from home even after the pandemic got under control.

In fact, Pew respondents said having technology at their fingertips made meeting deadlines a breeze and they enjoyed not having as many interruptions during their workday as they do when working in a busy office outside the house. That means having a home office that promotes productivity without adding stress to your life is key, as a relaxing home office can make you happy while cooped up at home. There are various ways to make sure your home office suits your life and makes your workday a pleasure.

You should have a dedicated space for your home office

While this might be hard for some depending on their living situation, having a room in your home used specifically as a work office can destress and can give you a better workday, whether working from home part or full-time.

The Detroit News noted that using a guest bedroom as an office could be a great option. Perhaps you thought you'd have regular overnight guests when you set up the room and now only have someone visit a few times a year — or even never. Why not take that room and make it your own space for work?

Perhaps you're not used to working with kids around and need that privacy to get work done. Setting up a room specifically for work helps set boundaries, which will only help improve your work from home situation. A tip you might want to consider trying is sticking a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your home office door, that way your work space and your living space remain separate.

If you don't have space in your home for a dedicated home office, you can move a desk into a section of your bedroom or living room and make a relaxing space, even if that space is not an official home office. Some sort of designated area for you to focus on your tasks at hand will only be helpful. 

The ideal work chair can make all the difference in your at-home office

You're most likely sitting at a desk all day, so the chair you use can make or break your work from home situation. The last thing you want to do is stand up and feel muscle aches in your lower back and legs. Spine-health noted that using an ergonomic chair with the right back support can make all the difference, as it offers the right support for your lower back by matching your body's contours.

Also, make sure your seat is at the right height. Most people of average height are comfortable with a chair that sits about 16 to 21 inches from the floor, according to Spine-health. You want your feet to be able to comfortably lay flat on the floor, while your arms should horizontally align with your desk and keyboard for maximum comfort.

Finally, Spine-health noted that you should add padding on your chair for your bottom. A hard-surface seat can cause soreness and not only will you be uncomfortable when standing up, you may be in pain while sitting for hours at a time and pain does not lead to relaxation.

Here are other ways to make your office space tranquil and relaxing

Whether you have a separate room in your home for an office or you use a portion of a room as your work space, there are different things to do to make that space into a place you love being each day. After all, longevity and happiness are key components of successfully working from home. 

First, make sure there is ventilation in your office space, as advised by The Detroit News. Open the windows when the weather allows for some fresh air so you don't feel cooped up for hours at a time. Making sure there is a window nearby also offers relaxation with natural light. Fresh plants can also help create a relaxing place, so add some greenery to your office.

Keeping your desk clean and orderly offers peace of mind and relaxation, so keep documents off your desk. Scattered papers everywhere tend to lead to stress (sorry to the cluttered among us, but you know it's true). Perhaps you should opt for a desk with drawers where you can store things. Finally, choose colors that you love. Make it a personal space with your favorite shades and textiles. Hang things on the walls that suit your decorative tastes to put you in a relaxing and productive mood for your work day (via The Detroit News).