This TikTok Mattress-Cleaning Hack Is A Total Game Changer

Vanesa Amaro achieved TikTok fame for bringing creative cleaning hacks to the masses. Thanks to her, we learned that all it takes to de-grease your range hood is a quick trip to Lowes (via The Kitchn). The professional housekeeper has over 3 million followers (via TikTok) and, we're guessing, the cleanest house on her Austin, Texas block. But Amaro's journey to stardom wasn't easy. 

Her lowest point came right before reaching viral fame. Following the pandemic, Amaro's clientele began to drop and her husband lost his job (via KVUE). Luckily, her brilliant idea of combining a passion for cleaning with a love of TikTok worked out in her favor. In fact, Amaro's TikTok celebrity has been so life-changing, it even earned her a job as a marketing partner for one of her favorite products, Shark Tank's Scrub Daddy.  

We're forever grateful for Amaro's nuggets of knowledge, like reminding us to clean the inside of our trash cans (via TikTok) or teaching us the art of toilet paper folding (via TikTok). Her wealth of cleaning knowledge extends all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom, and now, Amaro's taking us on a cleansing journey to the bedroom — specifically the mattress.

Spray your mattress with these household items to keep it clean

Since posting her first video, Vanesa Amaro has guided followers around the perils of upholstery cleaning and now she's helping viewers with what was previously thought of as an impossible DIY task: mattress cleaning. Amaro's step-by-step video (via TikTok) shows how to keep any mattress looking and smelling fresh. First, Amaro recommends vacuuming your entire mattress to remove any lint or dust that's been living there. Next, sprinkle baking soda (Amaro uses Arm & Hammer) all over your mattress and leave it to sit for at least 10 hours. Guess you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Once your timer goes off, vacuum up the baking soda and spray the mattress with a combination of 2 cups water, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of clear dish soap, and 5 drops of essential oil (whichever scent of your choosing). After applying the spray, Amaro recommends using a toothbrush to combat mattress stains. Finally, wait for the solution to dry and presto, you have a brand, spanking new mattress. 

Amaro claims, "The average human produces a cup of sweat a night." So, after doing the math, you'll probably want to get started on this hack ASAP!