Here's How Much Minka Kelly Is Actually Worth

It's been reported that celebrity couple Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah have broken up, with the actress and comedian calling it quits, according to People. Kelly, who's known for her roles in "Friday Night Lights," "Titans," and "Parenthood" (via IMDb), was first reported to be dating Noah back in August last year. She reportedly had previous relationships with the likes of actors Chris Evans and Jesse Williams, and baseball icon Derek Jeter over the last few years (via Cosmopolitan), but it wasn't to last. 

It wasn't long ago that Noah shelled out $27.5 million on a love nest in Bel-Air (via People), but it's fair to say that his ex-girlfriend isn't too short of money herself. Having spent the last couple of decades in the acting businesses, and with a musician father to boot, she's been able to get some money together, but just how much is Minka Kelly worth?

Minka Kelly is worth millions

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Minka Kelly is worth a tidy $5 million. Of course, the 40-year-old actress has had a pretty successful career, being in some well-known shows and movies, so it's perhaps unsurprising that she's amassed a few million over the years. Being the daughter of one-time Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay (via Daily Mail), Kelly is no stranger to stardom. She made her acting debut in 2003, before landing her big break as Lyla Garrity in "Friday Night Lights" in 2006, remaining on the show until 2009 (via E! Online).

Last year, she appeared in the comedy-drama "She's in Portland" in addition to her current role in DC Comics' "Titans" (via IMDb), while Deadline reports that she's also set to feature in the upcoming film "Lansky." With a number of projects in the pipeline, she's definitely got time to add to her $5 million fortune in the years to come.