The Happy Reason Bachelor Alum Haley Ferguson Can't Stop Crying

Bachelor Nation star Haley Ferguson — who appeared on "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" — has some big news: she's engaged to her boyfriend, hockey player Oula Palve. While the pair met in Haley's hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, they lived apart for several months later year when Palve returned to Sweden, where he plays hockey professionally (via Bachelor Nation). In November 2020, Haley decided to move to Sweden to be closer to him. 

Haley announced the big moving news on Instagram, simply captioning a photo, "I'm international." Her sister, Emily Ferguson – who is Haley's "professional twin" partner – explained more with her own Instagram post shared on November 4, 2020. She wrote, "My better half has officially made it to Sweden. As sad as this makes me to know she won't be here every second of every day with me I'm beyond proud of her for following her heart and going across the World to start a new adventure! I know you'll take the best care of her @oula7. See ya on FaceTime sissy!"

It turns out the move was all part of the plan. Palve proposed on May 13, 2021, and Haley happily accepted.

Haley Ferguson explains why the proposal was so special

Haley Ferguson's fiancé, Oula Palve, is just as excited as she is about their engagement. He shared his own Instagram post, writing, "She's going to be a PALVE! You are an extraordinary girl, and I'm so excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with you."

Ferguson explained to E! that the proposal was very, very special, as Palva proposed at what could be their wedding venue. "I've been in love with this venue for a while and wanted to lock down a specific date since his hockey schedule only allows for him to have three months off during the summer," she explained. "So, I thought we were just going to view it because we had talked about getting engaged this summer."

Even though the pair have clearly been talking about marriage, Ferguson still had no idea when the proposal would happen. She told E! that Palva "threw [her] off" with the proposal, but of course in the best way possible. 

"He also had all my close family and friends waiting for me after for a private dinner. Now that location holds a very special place in my heart!" she said.