The Best Makeup Looks To Pair With Red Lipstick

There's no better hue than a bold, bright lip when it comes to making a statement with your look, is there? A red lip is wonderfully timeless. As per Real Simple, red lipstick offers a classic, elegant and versatile look, perfect for wearing for any occasion.

Red suggests that when choosing makeup to pair with a red lip that you opt to match your coloring perfectly, and choose a lipstick that compliments your skin tone and eye color, in addition to your hair color. Woman and Home reports that combining makeup with a red lipped look is actually far easier than you might think, and can work fantastically well. When it comes to your makeup, there's nothing more empowering than a bold, red lip, is there? In need of a little red lipstick inspiration? There are lots of simple ways you can combine red lipstick with other makeup to create a chic, elegant vibe.

How should you do your makeup when wearing red lipstick?

As per Real Simple, if you're going to wear red lipstick, it's best not to make your eyes a focal point. Lipstick designer, Poppy King says to, "Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup," and suggests that a small amount of mascara and some nude eyeshadow tends to work well. Real Simple also suggests that you coordinate your look, adding a dot of the red lipstick you're wearing onto the apples of your cheeks, using it as a matching blush.

As per Red, you can also opt to pair red lipstick with a lighter hued blush, such as a pink blush. Just make sure that the blush used is a natural tone.

Don't make the mistake of using red lip liner, unless it perfectly matches the red lipstick being worn. Otherwise, you will end up with a strange two-tone look. If you cannot find a red lip liner that perfectly matches your red lipstick of choice, opt to use a natural-hued liner instead.

As per Live Glam, one of the main issues to combat when sporting a red lip is finding the right eyeshadow to team with the look. One option is to combine a teal lid with a red lip look, or opting for a gold or bronze eyeshadow for a luxe look, or pairing a red lip with a red eyeshadow.