This TikTok User Has A Genius Hack For Cleaning Your Radiator

If you live in a home with a radiator you may have found that it can accumulate a significant amount of dust and grime. The nooks and crannies are perfect places for dirt to settle and, since it's relatively out of sight, it can sit there unnoticed for years.


Dirt makes the radiator less efficient, so it's important to keep it clean and running well. One TikTok user has a brilliant idea for a simple way to literally flush the filth out of your radiator and bring it back to life.

Cleanwithabbi is the account that posted the idea. In the video Abbi first removes the side and top covers on her radiator. They basically just snap off. She then takes them to the sink to wash them separately with dish soap. Next, she puts a bucket beneath the radiator and begins to pour water through it from the top. All the dust bunnies and dirt flows out with the water into the bucket below.

Cover things up to keep clean

Of course it's a good idea to put something on the floor to protect against water overflow and dripping. You can see Abbi mopping up around and beneath the bucket several times throughout the process. And you might want to think about protecting the wall behind the radiator too against water splashing. One idea is to tape a piece of cardboard to that space, according to Everyday Old House.


In fact, they recommend covering everything within a few feet of the radiator if you're going to give it a good clean. It's worth it to avoid finding dirty water splashed somewhere later on. A sheet thrown over furniture, a towel on the floor, and roll or tie up curtains to save yourself some extra work.

Also, don't forget to look underneath the radiator before you begin the process of taking it apart. You might be surprised by what's rolled down there or what a pet has pushed into the shadowy recesses.

And of course, don't forget to turn off the heat to the radiator before you even begin to think about doing anything near it. Give it plenty of time to cool, cover things up, and you should have a quick and easy clean.