Inside Craig Robinson's Legal Troubles

Craig Robinson is most well known for his role as Darryl Philbin on the megahit sitcom "The Office." While his portrayal of the warehouse foreman at a paper company may have been what made him a household name (and a lot of money), his comedic timing kept him on top. From other roles on TV shows like "Brooklyn 99" to comedic box office hits like "Hot Tub Time Machine," Robinson has kept fans coming back for more. 

Being funny isn't his only talent, though, as he's been known to stretch his acting chops in serious pieces like "Morris from America," a dramatic film that also gave Robinson a turn at leading man. The sitcom star even appeared on the show "Mr. Robot," an experience he noted was very different from what he was used to, as he told Esquire, "It is intense. They do some intense work over there." 

Despite these brief forays into drama, Robinson's most popular movie was the comedic masterpiece "Pineapple Express." The drug-fueled theme of the film may have been less funny and rather a little too real for Robinson, who found himself in a situation no one was laughing about just months before the movie's release.

Craig Robinson's first arrest on drug charges

While the "Drug Testing" episode of "The Office" hilariously highlighted Dwight finding half a marijuana joint on company property (via IMDb), it was multiple different drugs that led to the "Pineapple Express" star's arrest in June of 2008. When Craig Robinson was pulled over, he was not only found to be under the influence of cocaine, cannabinoids, and amphetamines, but officers also found both ecstasy and methamphetamines in his possession. This resulted in multiple charges, according to Culver City Police Dept Lt. Carlos Reynosa, who told People, "I can confirm a Craig Robinson was charged with two felonies, possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor DUI." 

The list of harder drugs named in the felony complaint left fans a bit shocked. The potential consequences were compounded by the fact that the funny man was still on probation for a DUI he got in 2006. While Robinson was able to be released on $10,000 bond shortly after his arrest, the charges were very serious ones that put the actor's freedom in jeopardy.

Craig Robinson's sweet plea deal

There is no doubt that Craig Robinson was smiling again after the case was wrapped up. The plea deal the "Hot Tub Time Machine" star managed to slip into was nothing short of amazing. While he did enter a plea of guilty, the plea only admitted to possession of ecstasy. All other charges were dropped. With no jail time, he was only required to complete a drug diversion program. Eighteen months later, all charges would be dropped. 

His lawyer, Blair Berk, confirmed to TMZ that "Mr. Robinson really appreciates and takes seriously the opportunity which has been given to him by the court and the prosecution to have all of the charges against him dismissed, upon successful completion of a counseling program." All's well that ends well, right? Not so fast. It seems the success of the program for the famous foreman had its own statute of limitations. And the comic landed himself back in hot water not long before "Hot Tub Time Machine 2."

Craig Robinson arrested again

In 2013, shortly after the end of "The Office," Craig Robinson was returning home from a trip to the Bahamas but never made his flight from Nassau back to the United States. Instead, he was detained by customs agents who found a small amount of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills, the same drug he was charged with possession of in 2008. Robinson once again pled guilty, this time to not one but two counts of drug possession. Luckily for him, his time after leaving Scranton wouldn't be spent in a Bahamian prison. 

Despite the potential the charges held for four years in jail, the attitude toward such things seemed more relaxed on the island. The Royal Bahamas Police Force's Supt. Stephen Dean said, "It was nothing major" (via USA Today). This time, Craig Robinson was only required to pay a $1,000 fine and leave the country. Since then, the actor has managed to stay out of legal trouble and has taken up residency as the host of "The Masked Dancer."