The Style Evolution Of Hilary Duff

Many adults had those awkward teen years where they wore UFO pants and slide-on Sketcher sneakers, but luckily for them, life hasn't played out in front of a camera like Hilary Duff's. 

Our favorite teenage drama queen showed everyone what goes on in a 12-year-old girl's head, thanks to Disney hit show, "Lizzie McGuire." The 2000s brought us chunky bangs and multi-colored hair styles, usually with clip-ins and butterfly clips, and yes, Duff rocked them all. Just like every other Disney Channel star of her time – we're looking at you Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symoné, and Ashley Tisdale – the Disney stat rocked the 00's hard, making sure to leave a time capsule of pictures for fans to look back on. Of course, as she grew up, the multi-talented businesswoman matured into new and evolving styles that have kept beauty and style lovers on their toes (and in awe).

Duff herself has always understood how important her original character was to fans telling the Huffington Post, (via Us Weekly), "I grew up in people's living rooms, and so they know me as this little blonde, perfectly-relatable girl. And that's fine."

Hilary Duff had a brief goth-inspired moment

The actress rocked the boho look, which often showed off a rather large leather belt wrapped around flair bell-bottoms (via Page Six). Just like every other star of her prime time, she sported the pointy toe kitten heels to complete the look.

After the show ended, Hilary Duff was more actively pursuing a career on the big screen and in music. Along with her new ventures came some updated looks, which included a total color change to her hair.

In 2005, during her love of Japan phase, Duff showed up at TRL (remember that show?!) in a black bob wig that left fans speechless, (via Refinery 29). During this time, she also sported darker lace clothes and dark smokey eyes. It was obvious to fans that she was trying to kick her squeaky clean image into a more goth-inspired look. Duff was often seen rocking the nude lip and knee-high boots to complete her mid-2000s look.

Hilary had her glow up moment

By 2010 the teen queen was working on movies like "Beauty and the Briefcase," (via Glamour). However, Hilary Duff was able to glow up at the beginning of 2014. She made numerous appearances at red carpet events such as the iHeartRadio Music Awards, where she sported a classic black mini dress and a top bun, (per The Hollywood Reporter). In that same year, she brought us the forever-cool black jumpsuit with her signature dark blonde locks.

Playing the role of Lizzie McGuire made it difficult for her to transition to more adult parts. She once told Time, "There's definitely a stereotype because of my past, starting so young and people growing up with me." 

The typecasting also included when she wanted to change up her look. But luckily, when she landed her role on "Younger" in 2015, fans were all able to copy her iconic style looks once again with the exception of her aquamarine hair color, (per Worn on TV).

Hilary has grown into a classic style all her own

From yoga pants and casual jammies to a fun night out on the red carpet, Hilary Duff is always comfortable in her own skin

Nowadays, she is a working mother of three and sporting her dark denim, and cozy sweater look. We have all taken a bit of a clothing break thanks to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, but not Duff. She decided to collaborate with Canadian brand Smash + Tess, telling Vogue, "When [founder Ashley Freeborn] reached out, it was probably two months into the quarantine in Los Angeles, and I had been a second-grade teacher to my son for like 11 weeks — so I was like, 'Hell yeah, I'm down to do something creative.'" 

Duff has always been about sitting on the front edge of fashion while also combining comfort with style. And while her busy schedule is always beckoning she has admitted to dressing "a lot more fluffy" these days, but we still love her look anyway!