The Best Makeup Looks To Wear With Glasses

Choosing the right makeup look can be a challenging task, and wearing glasses can make it even more complicated. While you would think that no one is looking at your eyes because they're behind lenses, it's the complete opposite. Your glasses frame your eyes and draw more attention to them, so creating a gorgeous eye look is the best way to start your makeup.

Per Elle, bold eyeshadows in neutral colors go well with thick, colored frames. The thicker the frames, the thicker the eyeliner should be so that your eyes pop. Be really careful when choosing lash extensions because the longer they are, the more they will be hitting your glasses. Glamour UK fashion editor Charlie Teather recommends that glasses-wearers focus on their lashes' volume and curling more than the length. "It gives a similar impact, but it means your lashes won't brush the lens every time you blink," Teather told Glamour. She recommends wearing a waterproof mascara to avoid smudges on the lenses.

You can go bold with makeup when wearing glasses

Every glasses wearer knows that on a hot day, you can get really sweaty under your frames. For this reason, it's better to stay away from heavy foundation and greasy cosmetics. Otherwise, once you remove your glasses, you may see lines and smudges. Make sure to apply concealer under your eyes because your glasses will be casting shadows in that area, so you want to keep it bright. 

Which eyeshadow colors are sure to make your eyes pop when you're wearing glasses? Brown- and blue-eyed women can opt for golden brown shadows, while green-eyed wearers will look good in purple shadow, via Bustle. Maybe you've always wanted to try a vibrant eyeshadow but were too shy. It's the perfect time to try out those bright colors when you're wearing glasses, especially at nighttime, via Beth Bender Beauty. In addition, "If it happens that you end up not particularly liking your choice, at least there's a little coverage over top to block some of the color out." However, if you don't want to play up your eyes, now's the time for a bold lip color, per BuzzFeed, as bright lips complement dark frames very well.