Easy One-Pot Recipes That Are Taking Over In 2021

We're sure you will agree that if you've been busy and are pressed for time, there is simply nothing more soul-satisfying than a one-pot meal that offers up everything you want in an awesome dinner, from meat to vegetables, and from rice to pasta. There are so many advantages to having a meal that can all be cooked in one pot (via Simple Bites), but we think that the best part has to be that getting food on the table doesn't just become a painless task, cleaning up is a breeze too. 

One-pot meals can also be a cheap and cheerful way of feeding a crowd, so if there's been a last-minute change in plans and you need to accommodate an extra guest or two, getting your casserole, dutch oven, or soup pot game on could well be the best way to make sure no one leaves the table unhappy. With these recipes, you might just want to declare 2021 the year of the one-pot meal.

Classic beef chili

If you're in need of some comfort food in 2021 (and really, who isn't?) then this one-pot recipe is for you. For those nights when you need something easy and cozy, Food and Wine offers up its take on a classic: beef chili. This recipe offers just enough heat to raise an eyebrow (and no more, we promise), but with the option to raise the spice stakes by suggesting a topping of fresh jalapeno. Canned beans also give you the added ability to take this dish from start to finish in under an hour. For this one-pot recipe, you'll need olive oil, yellow onions, garlic, poblano chile, lean ground chuck, tomato paste, chile powder, ground cumin, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, dark kidney beans and black beans, crushed tomato, chicken broth, and beer. 

Don't forget to prep shredded cheese, jalapeno chilis, sliced radish, and sour cream to use as toppings!

One-pot lemon herb chicken and rice

Give us a half an hour and we'll give you a one-pot meal you're probably going to want to add to your collection of go-to recipes in 2021. Creme de la Crumb's one-pot lemon herb chicken brings together just about everything you need for a complete meal — from flavorful protein to mouthwatering carbs. 

In this yummy recipe, chicken breasts are dressed up in Italian seasoning and browned in butter before rice and chicken broth — jazzed up with the juice of a lemon — are added to round out the meal. And the best part? You can easily add frozen peas or carrots, or change up the spice combos to suit your fancy. 

Go meat-free with a vegan Thai peanut curry

If you're looking to give your body a meat break in 2021, here's something that might tickle your fancy. This vegan Thai peanut curry from Making Thyme for Health takes just 45 minutes to pull together from start to finish, and is filled with everything that's good for you from broccoli and carrots to tofu. This Southeast Asian-inspired dish takes its flavors from onions, ginger, and garlic. The addition of creamy peanut butter dressed up with red curry paste makes this one-pot vegan dish a flavorful hit.

This one-pot recipe is best enjoyed spooned over hot rice (cooked separately), and with lime wedges and chopped peanuts on the side. 

Baked feta pasta is a tasty 2021 trend

If you're looking for a one-pot pasta dish that's on-trend, then look no further than the Tik Tok trend that took the social media world by storm (via Delish). All its creator asks you to do is to take a block of feta and lay that amid a sea of tomatoes, garlic, and some olive oil, baking that in the oven for 40 minutes at 400 degrees, and then adding hot pasta and fresh basil. 

Okay, so technically, this is not exactly a one-pot dish (particularly if you count the additional pot you'll need to cook the pasta in), but this viral trend has even gotten the endorsement of The Washington Post, so we figure you'll forgive us if we consider this to be a one-pot (or baking dish) wonder fit for 2021.