Are Shawn And Kate From Marrying Millions Still Together?

Falling in love and getting married is a life-changing event, especially when you're marrying someone with a seven-figure next worth. It sounds pretty good, right? While seemingly unlimited funds may seem like the sort of thing that can alleviate stress and friction from a relationship, Lifetime original TV show "Marrying Millions" chronicles the relationships between people with major funds and those who choose to marry them, showing the world that these relationships are not without turmoil. One of the most memorable couples the show has followed is Shawn and Kate, a young couple who can't seem to agree on the pace of the relationship.


Shawn, 29, is an aspiring rapper who earned his millions working in tech in his earlier 20s, while Kate, 33, was so moved by his speech at a business conference that she approached him seeking mentorship after the event (via Lifetime). Mentorship quickly transformed the pairing into a romance.

Rocky beginnings and awkward endings

When we meet Shawn and Kate, we learn about their dynamics as couple who want different things out of the relationship. Kate wants a family more than anything, often pressuring for a ring and a commitment. Shawn, who is four years Kate's junior, wants to focus on his music career after amassing a fortune in tech. This issue often comes to a head, but the drama is assuaged by Shawn's proclivity to shower Kate in lavish gifts. Kate is charmed by his generosity, until he takes her to a jewelry store to look at rings as well as to resize a bracelet he'd previously gifted her. Kate was under the impression that this bracelet was filled with diamonds. Upon further inspection, it's revealed to Kate the bracelet is nothing more than cubic zirconia (via RealityTea and Lifetime's YouTube channel).


Shawn reacts with anger and refuses to answer questions from Kate and the show's producers about whether or not the bracelet is real. While this particular moment is not the end for the couple, this is where the cracks in the relationship begin to show as Kate's trust in Shawn wavers in the face of deception.

This scene is the last one we see Shawn and Kate appear in on Marrying Millions. While neither of them have confirmed or denied an official breakup, the pair has not been spotted together in real life or on social media since, so it's probably safe to say the romance is over.