What We Know About Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton is a Canadian actress from Creston, British Columbia. She was raised by hippie parents which led to her childhood including a lot of swimming in the Goat River, playing with animals such as chickens, and swinging in their old barn's rafters on an installed trapeze (via Hallmark Channel). While her childhood let Hutton escape into nature and whimsy, her acting career has let her escape into worlds near and far. The actress'sĀ Instagram always hosts a variety of behind the scenes content for her projects, and she pretty much always looks glamorous while doing so.

Hutton portrays Rosemary Coulter on Hallmark's "When Calls the Heart," and the channel notes that she's also appeared in several Hallmark Channel original movies, including "The Perfect Bride," "Summer of Dreams," and "The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells." Outside of the Hallmark Channel ā€” that's experienced some scandals in the past ā€” Hutton's acting credits include "Once Upon a Time," "Supernatural," "Royal Pains," "Smallville," and "Fantastic Four," among many others (via TV Guide).

Here's what you need to know about Pascale Hutton's personal life

According to the Hallmark Channel, Pascale Hutton attended and graduated from the University of Alberta's acting program. Afterward, she moved to Vancouver to pursue acting ā€” and to eat good sushi. What's more, Hutton has been married to fellow actor Danny Dorosh since 2002, and the pair have two children together (via Live Rampup).

In a 2017 interview with My Devotional Thoughts, Hutton opened up about her family life, which she has been relatively quiet about in the public sphere. On having kids and acting, she said, "It's a challenge because you want to work. Hopefully, you enjoy your work, which I do. I feel quite passionate about my work. But obviously, your heart is always with your kids, and so I feel that tug" (via Live Rampup). She further explained that she usually has a half of the year off to spend devotedly with her family, as a season of "When Calls the Heart" typically only takes five or six months to film.

Overall, the actress is fairly reserved and quiet when it comes to sharing her personal life, leaving fans only her social media and her scripted projects to get to know her.