RHONY's Leah McSweeney Reveals Her Skincare Routine

Real Housewives of New York newbie, Leah McSweeney has quickly become a fan favorite for her killer clothes, no-nonsense attitude and hilarious one-liners. It's no surprise that the reality star has an easy-to-follow skincare routine. McSweeney recently spoke with Glamour and shared all about her must-haves in the beauty department; some of her products may already be in your medicine cabinet! 

Down to Earth as ever, she started by telling the outlet, "'I'm not using Chanel moisturizer. I'm not using anything that's, like, $3,000 a jar. I just don't even believe in that."

The drugstore is her go-to skincare shop! Instead of shelling out tons of money for designer products, McSweeney opts for pharmacy classics alongside medical skincare brands to get her soft glow. As for her care routine, she heads to her esthetician to get a facial a few times a year to combat hyperpigmentation and growing pore size, the outlet notes. However, what would a housewife be without a little botox?

"I have a God complex with my dermatologist, Dr. Rita Linkner. I'm like, 'She told me to do it, so I'm doing it!'" she confessed.

Leah McSweeney has a different morning and nighttime skincare routine

Luckily, if you're looking to follow the Married to the Mob founder's skincare guidance, you won't have to cash out your 401(k). For instance, her AM facewash is a papaya enzyme cleanser recommended to her by her dermatologist, according to Prevention. Then she applies eye cream to her freshly washed skin, with her dermatologist, Dr. Linkner chiming in, "Eye cream should go on first. Eyelid skin is very thin and you want to make sure you're protecting it from all the active ingredients that go on after."

After suggesting using a gentle toner at night to remove any stubborn makeup, McSweeney shares her favorite moisturizer with the outlet — Cetaphil! Her dermatologist explains that, since this lotion has to work for your face, neck and hands, it shouldn't cost too much to refill. Enter: the drugstore cult favorite! Then, before she heads out for the day, she adds some SPF. At night, she swaps the SPF for a retinol cream and heads to bed. Dr. Linkner recommends applying the product in the dark to maximize its effectiveness and ensure it doesn't lose potency underneath the lights. 

If you combine your dermatologist-recommended products with drugstore favorites, you can have skin that even a housewife would envy.