Here's How Much The 1000-Lb Sisters Have Actually Lost

TLC has built a reputation as the channel to watch if you enjoy reality shows featuring people whose lifestyles differ from the norm. Some of their most popular programs involve people who find it difficult to perform daily life functions because of their extreme size. One such show, "1000-Lb Sisters," features Kentucky based sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton, whose combined weights totaled a half-ton when the series began. Realizing that their size was threatening their health and happiness, they both vowed to change their lifestyles and lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery (via Showbiz CheatSheet). Amy was particularly anxious to reach her goal; she and her then-fiancé wanted to start a family, but obesity can not only reduce a woman's fertility, it also raises serious health risks for both mother and baby once pregnancy occurs.

The series has run for two seasons so far, and viewers are hoping to hear news of a Season 3 soon. During that time, the sisters have been through plenty of personal highs and lows. But did they lose the weight, or does the title of the show have to stay the same? The answer is complicated,

Life events interfered with the sisters' weight-loss goals

As viewers saw in Season 1, Amy managed to reach the goal weight needed to have surgery, and following the operation, she dropped 124 pounds (via TV Shows Ace). Although it's recommended that women wait a year or two after their gastric procedure before trying to conceive, Amy and husband Mike didn't hold off that long. Just a few months after the surgery, Amy announced her pregnancy. Defying her doctor's advice, Amy fell back into her old eating habits because she wanted to "be enjoying my pregnancy." This worried Tammy and their brother, Chris, who urged her to get back on track. That she did, once son Gage was born in November 2020. Although Amy does indulge every so often, she's managed to work toward her ultimate goal. In April 2021, she posted before-and-after photos on her Instagram account, showing that she now wears a 1XL clothing size instead of her previous 5XL.

Tammy's journey has been tougher. Toward the end of the second season, she contracted COVID-19, which landed her in the hospital. After she recovered, Tammy went to the doctor for a weigh-in, where she learned she had gained 20 pounds, bringing her up to nearly 650 pounds.Tammy finally admitted that she had a food addiction, which the doctor saw as a step toward healing. Based on her most recent Instagram post, it doesn't look as though she has made significant weight-loss progress at the moment. However, her boyfriend Jerry is back in her life, and she says this has brought her "true happiness." Perhaps the new season of "1000-Lb Sisters" will see that title number go down at last.