Jeff Probst's Net Worth: The Survivor Host Makes More Than You Think

"Come on in, guys!'" Jeff Probst has been yelling the iconic greeting to "Survivor" cast members for over 20 years (via IMDb). Before landing his CBS gig, the Emmy-award winning host (via Emmys) got his start in television by hosting FX's "Backchat" and as a correspondent on "Access Hollywood." In 2012, CBS even awarded Probst his own show, "The Jeff Probst Show," but due to low ratings, the talk show was swiftly canceled after only one season (via Celebrity Net Worth). Luckily, Probst's long running stint on "Survivor" has more than kept bread on the table.

Of his hosting gig, Probst told Entertainment Weekly that he's "in awe and forever indebted to everyone who has ever played the game." It's clear he has a great respect for the show's participants, despite the obvious power imbalance at play. "I see them as examples of what is possible if you're willing to risk. I see them as teachers if you're willing to listen. I see them as humans who are seeking something." A thoughtful take on the decision to spend 39 days in nature's harsh, often perilous, conditions.

While Probst has been giving away the show's legendary reward of $1,000,000, it appears that the reality show host has been taking home a paycheck with a few more zeroes than the contestants are lucky enough to win.

Jeff Probst has a whopping net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeff Probst net worth is around $50 million with an $8 million annual salary from "Survivor." Probst vast earnings are also due to additional ventures the reality show host has taken. With a brief foray as a director for films "Finder's Fee" and "Kiss Me," which earned him numerous awards on the festival circuit, Probst has also added the title of author to his bag of tricks. He co-wrote the New York Times best-selling book, "Stranded" with author Chris Tebbetts (via Penguin Random House) and the story has since grown into a kids' adventure series.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Probst has also invested in real estate. In 2011, he bought the former home of Gene Autry, aka "The Singing Cowboy" (via Britannica.) After Autry's widow failed to turn the home into a museum following his death, the 8,000 square-foot Studio City home was purchased by Probst for a reasonable $5 million.

The "Survivor" host is confirmed to return for Season 41 (via TV Insider) which is set to air in the fall of 2021. Filming during the pandemic seemed like, "insurmountable odds" according to CBS Entertainment's president, Kelly Kahl, but of course Probst and crew prevailed. The tribe has spoken.