Here's How Much Rodney Foster From Marrying Millions Is Really Worth

"Marrying Millions" is a Lifetime show featuring a unique set of couples. The show follows couples where one is wealthy and the other is not, a dynamic that almost always brings about drama between the pair and those that surround them. "Marrying Millions" was created by the same people who created "90 Day Fiance," so it makes sense that the show became an instant hit among Lifetime reality fans.

The series is now in its second season, bringing back two couples from Season 1 along with five new couples. Among those couples is Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall, whose interest is their long-distance relationship – a factor they kept secret before appearing on the show. Foster is the wealthy side of the couple, earning a large fortune in the wine industry as the founder and CEO of Edelheiss Wine, while Hall works for a non-profit organization, (via People).

According to Distractify, Hall also describes herself as a writer, show host, and actor. But while her list of professions may be longer than Foster's, it's him who earns the bulk of the money. So, how much is he really worth exactly?

Rodney has made a small fortune for himself

The wine industry is known to be lucrative for those who can find success in it, which is exactly what Rodney Foster did. After founding his own company, Edelheiss Wine, and working as CEO, he has gained a net worth between $2.5 and $5 million, (via Distractify).

As for Desiry Hall, her net worth is unknown, but according to TV Show Ace, the pair faced a bit of drama during their season when the topic of a prenup came up. While Foster pushed for the prenup, Hall viewed it as a sign of distrust. But a prenup isn't the only drama this couple has encountered. Due to the secrecy of their relationship, many fans have wondered about Foster's sexual orientation. We also learned that he has been unfaithful in the past, likely leading to Hall's disdain for a prenup.

Regardless of the drama, it looks as though the pair is still together – and still living separately. Hall is in Los Angeles, while Foster is in Washington, D.C. Only time will tell if the two end up on the same coast and eventually say "I Do."