What Friends Fans Missed About Chandler And Janice's Relationship

The hit sitcom "Friends," which originally aired from 1994 until 2004 but which experienced an increase in popularity once again in the 2010s, is having a special reunion on HBO Max soon hosted by actor and comedian James Corden. In anticipation for this reunion, fans are remembering their favorite characters, moments, and couples from the series' decade-long run. One such couple is Chandler Bing and Janice Litman-Goralnik. Janice wasn't part of the core "Friends" cast, but she did appear in every season and even had character development where other supporting characters didn't, per Bustle. This is immediately something to recognize, as this shows Janice's overall importance to the series and its narrative — a significance other characters didn't receive.

Moreover, Janice broke molds with her character and her relationship to Chandler. TV shows often portray women in stereotypical manners that often also tether them to men, but Janice doesn't wait around or wallow for Chandler after he breaks up with her. According to Bustle, she finds herself a new partner and happiness in Season 2 and claims her own life and joy, and in Season 3 when Chandler doesn't like her laugh or her other quirks, Janice is steadfast and stays true to herself. A woman should never feel like they have to change for a man, and Janice own this power wholeheartedly and unabashedly.

How did Janice actually feel about Chandler?

In fact, Chandler's disdain toward Janice's expressions was hypocritical. Screen Rant points out that the two are more alike than they are different. Where Janice's voice is nasally and her expressions exuberant, Chandler is equally expressive. He emphasizes everything he says, often because he's making a joke. Both of them are expressive, but maybe they were simply too similar to end up together. After all, Screen Rant declares that Monica balances Chandler out. 

It shouldn't be lost on fans either that Janice has nothing but respect for Chandler. When she finds out about Chandler's engagement to Monica and is told she can't attend the wedding, she handles the situation with class and maintains a level of distance between herself and Chandler (via Bustle). She ultimately wants Chandler to be happy, after all, and while this is a small detail in the grand scheme of things, it's a testament of respect and love.

Were Janice and Chandler soulmates all along?

Janice's annual appearances in the series make her unique, but they also make her situation with Chandler feel like fate. Unlike other characters or couples on the show, Chandler and Janice run into each other at random times and in random places. In Season 1, when the two have dinner together, Janice gives Chandler candy hearts that say "Chan and Jan forever," and this appears to be an early clue that these characters are always going to find their ways back to each other, even if not romantically (via Bustle). After all, how big can New York City actually be?

In fact, in a later episode, Janice actually tells Chandler they're soulmates. Unfortunately, this just so happens to occur at the same time as they're breaking up with each other (via Screen Rant). They share the same core values as seen in this episode when they both understand that Janice needs to uphold her commitment to her husband. They both value family, honesty, and love, even if they're both a little goofy, and this is no doubt what always attracts them to each other's orbit. 

According to Tyla in 2020, some "Friends" fans still believe Chandler and Janice were meant for each other and they're expressing so on social media. Tyla reported that some fans think Chandler to be too immature for Janice, or that Janice was "too good" for Chandler. Others described the two as "perfect for each other" and Janice as "a better match" than Monica. What do you think? Do you agree with Chandler ending up with Monica, or do you think Janice deserved better?