How To Start Using Colorful Eyeliner In Your Everyday Makeup Look

Bright, bold, beautiful, colorful eyeliner can be the ideal way to make an impact. According to Byrdie, colored eyeliner is one of the biggest makeup trends right now, and it's hardly difficult to see why. What's great about colored eyeliner is the fact that there are diverse ranges of colors, looks, and styles to choose from, and it's simple to use and apply. 

As per StyleCaster, while most people tend to opt for black eyeliner, a colored — or glitter — eyeliner could be the answer to overhauling and updating your look.

Byrdie noted that brightly colored eyeliner is a simple way to curate a creative look with little effort — it's the perfect way to add some personality to your makeup. Colored liner has become more than just a fun way to mess around with your look, it's one of the hottest makeup trends around right now, and we're giving you all the answers you're looking for when it comes to incorporating the look into your makeup routine. Scared of making eyeliner and makeup mistakes? Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Here's how to pair colorful eyeliner with your go-to makeup

Glamour noted that if you're looking for a starting point for wearing colored eyeliner, it's best to start out with blue. Blue is a more "approachable transition" from black liner into colored liner than another brighter, bolder shade. Another good stepping stone color, according to Glamour, could be baby pink — a nude-hued colored eyeliner pastel pink could be the answer. It's ideal for creating a pink-hued monochrome look, using similar shades of pink for the cheeks and lips.

As per StyleCaster, there are very few things that can overhaul your look as quickly as a statement eye. It's amazing how you can use an eyeshadow or a bright eyeliner to instantly change your entire look — a swipe of color can make a huge impact. Glamour recommended teaming white eyeliner with a pop of color, such as orange, to help make your look stand out. Adding a swipe of orange eyeliner over white liner, creating a cat-eye style look (think Ariana Grande's look in the "Rain On Me" music video), gives a wonderfully summery look.

When it comes to wearing yellow eyeliner, Glamour suggested finding a tone that is bright and highly pigmented enough to show up, and using a liquid liner rather than a pencil one. Glamour also suggested topping up a yellow winged look with a small swipe of electric blue liner to create a pop of color. Whatever you choose, rock it with confidence and you'll look great!