Things Friends Fans Never Noticed About Phoebe Buffay

Arguably the most eccentric and open character on "Friends," there's not a lot viewers don't know about Phoebe Buffay. Portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe probably has the most complex life prior to moving into Monica's apartment, which she has no problem sharing. Whether that was her early life as a street criminal when she inadvertently mugged Ross (via YouTube) or the strained relationship she has with her twin sister Ursula, who also happens to be the ditzy waitress on "Mad About You."

But with the "Friends" reunion quickly approaching, there are actually a whole lot of things you might not have noticed about Phoebe. The same can be said about Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, and Joey, but there are certain aspects about Phoebe that even the biggest fans of "Friends" might have missed. So if you want to impress those closest to you on your deep knowledge of the '90s sitcom and the mystical Phoebe Buffay, here are some moments you've probably never noticed before.

Phoebe Buffay's dollhouse was incredibly detailed

In the episode titled "The One with the Dollhouse," did you notice how incredibly quirky Phoebe's dollhouse really was? It all started when Monica inherited a Victorian-style dollhouse. She, however, doesn't like the weird items that Phoebe brings over, including "an oversized dog and a ghost for the attic," per Refinery 29. So Phoebe takes matters into her own hands and builds her own house. The end result is very Phoebe.

Phoebe didn't just cut holes for windows. "She created window treatments out of colorful construction paper and Popsicle sticks." And if you look closely at the kitchenette, you might spy what appears to be a framed picture of Smelly Cat hanging on the wall! It's worth taking a room-by-room tour to see just how much of her personality Phoebe Buffay put into her special creation, from the toilet paper roll chimney to the pool in the backyard.

Some fans have a theory about Phoebe Buffay's legs

According to The Things, eagle-eyed viewers who've probably watched every "Friends" episode at least a handful of times seemed to notice that, compared to Monica and Rachel, Phoebe rarely wore outfits that showed off her legs. So what gives? The explanation that makes the most sense is simply that Phoebe's style reflected her character, so long dresses suited her offbeat, quirky, and carefree personality. After all, can you see Phoebe in formfitting, buttoned-up suits?

As one fan pointed out, "Rachel got stylish dresses and a sensational hairdo, complimenting [sic] her fashionable and spoilt nature." And it was Phoebe's unique and original style which made her stand out from her female cohorts. The next time you sit down and binge-watch "Friends," see how many times Phoebe shows up in a short skirt. With everything '90s coming back into fashion these days, don't be surprised if you find some Phoebe-inspired outfits at your favorite retailer.