Things Friends Fans Never Noticed About Monica Geller

"Friends" is one of the most loved, most popular shows of all time. Even though it ended back in 2004, fans are constantly binging episodes and reading articles to learn even more about the series they love so much.

While it might seem like there's no way new information about "Friends" could be uncovered in, 2021, one should never say never! Eagled-eyed viewers and fans always have a way of finding out as much as is humanly possible. Lately, quite a few people have turned their attention toward Monica Geller, who was played by Courteney Cox for the duration of the show's time on the air.

It seems that while Monica is definitely a beloved and cherished character, she's not without her flaws and quirks. For starters, ScreenRant points out that while many people cite the relationship between Monica and Chandler as a healthy one, upon reflection it seems Monica really made it all about her. She even went ahead and opened the pair's wedding gifts on her own, instead of waiting for Chandler to join her. 

There's even more to learn about Monica

There are also a lot of surprises out there about how the character of Monica Geller was developed, and the various choices that show writers and producers made throughout the series. 

For starters, Joey was initially planned to be Monica's love interest, while Monica was only meant to have a one night stand with Chandler. However, audiences responded so positively to Monica and Chandler's dalliance that the writers decided to work a full-blown relationship into the series instead.

Marta Kauffman, one of the creators of the show, explained to Elle, "We had no idea what response that was going to get. We thought it was going to be funny and we were going to get rid of it." Kauffman adds that the audience reacted so strongly to the scene that they even had to pause filming, because people were so excited, noting, "Suddenly, the audience told us they had been waiting for that. We had to rethink how we were going to keep going and change the relationship."