Exclusive Clip: Jonah Parties Hard In New 7 Little Johnstons Episode

TLC's hit show "7 Little Johnstons" has been a fixture on our screens since 2015, but it feels like we've known the central family considerably longer. Season 9 kicks off tonight at 8pm EST, as per Meaww, and looks set to be the most exciting and dramatic yet. For the uninitiated, "7 Little Johnstons" follows the titular family, which is made up of loving parents Trent and Amber and their five kids, a mixture of natural and adopted, all of whom have a form of dwarfism. The Johnstons aim to showcase how challenging their lives are but also how joyful. 


In recent seasons, the kids have started to grow up in front of our eyes, with romantic partners introduced into the equation, including Jonah's girlfriend, Ashley, and Elizabeth's boyfriend, Brice. Lately, the family has been stuck together under one roof due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought them closer than ever before. The ninth season kicks off with Jonah celebrating turning 21, while simultaneously looking for his own place, finding work, and struggling with a long-distance relationship. In our exclusive clip, he's marking his birthday in style.

Jonah Johnston parties a little too hard

As our exclusive clip details, Season 9 of "7 Little Johnstons" kicks off with Jonah Johnston celebrating his big birthday with a rousing backyard party surrounded by friends, family, and the requisite amount of alcohol. Early on, a wobbly-legged Jonah even requests "an Irish car bomb" to be made on his behalf, because the reality star can't quite manage to stay steady on his feet, presumably after already imbibing a bit too much. In fact, in a confessional interview, dad Trent suggests his son is a "lightweight" who wasn't prepared to pace himself throughout the night. Instead, the overly excited young man started drinking early on and was taken out of commission before the party had even really begun as a result. 


Viewers will see a bleary-eyed Jonah being bundled into a car, as a producer quips he only lasted "15 minutes" (it felt like "two hours" to Jonah) at his own party. Jonah's siblings, meanwhile, are dismayed he didn't even get to open any of his gifts. Although the "7 Little Johnstons" star was put to bed early in the night and was likely to forget most of what even happened, his brothers and sisters promised to fill in the blanks. Likewise, Trent opined it was better to have partied hard and passed out early than to be struggling to feed a baby on your 21st birthday, the way Jonah's mother had back in the day.