Here's How To Save A Sweater With A Loose Thread

Pulling on your favorite cozy knit sweater can be ruined by seeing a loose thread. It's a stomach-dropping kind of feeling, but hope is not lost. There are ways to rescue a sweater with a snag or dangling thread, you just need to know the best way to fix it. Whatever you do, don't just cut it, thinking that'd be an easy way to fix the problem. Doing that can create a larger hole (via Martha Stewart).

There are a couple of different options depending on your sweater hack/sewing expertise and the type of fabric that your sweater is made of — there's going to be different fixes for sweaters made of cashmere or wool, just as there'll be differences for cotton sweaters. If you've got a chunky knit sweater with a snag, get a bobby pin and hook the thread from the outside of the sweater into the bobby pin and then thread the pin back into where the thread came from and pull it tight. The bobby pin will be on the inside of the sweater along with the wayward thread and you can tie a knot in the end to help it stay put or just leave it (via Today).

Fixing a snagged sweater depends on the sweater's weave

Similar to the bobby pin trick, if you have a crochet hook that will fit through the fabric, insert it next to the snag from the inside of the sweater and then grab the loose thread with the hook and pull it through. Tie it off with a knot if there is excess thread (via The Spruce).

For sweaters with a tighter weave where you couldn't get a bobby pin or crochet hook through the fabric, grab a needle and thread in a matching color, and knot your thread to the loose thread. Then push the needle through to the inside near the base of the snag and pull your thread and the snagged thread into the inside of the garment. You can knot it there or just snip off above the knot between your thread and the snagged thread (from Thrifty Frugal Mom).

One thing to help potentially prevent snags is to not wear sharp-edged jewelry (think long earrings, big rings) when you're also wearing loosely woven knits (via Martha Stewart). Another tip if you've noticed snags on your clothing after you've washed it is to use mesh bags in the washing machine or to turn the clothing inside out (via Sudsy Water).