The Safest Eyeliners To Use For Tightlining

Have you ever attempted a smoky eye for a fun night out only to have it look like a hot streaky mess midway through your second cocktail? We get it. So many of us have faced this predicament, it's become a shared story that bonds us with our friends, co-workers, and women next to us at the bar's bathroom sink. Our eyes and the skin around them are especially sensitive, and oftentimes when we try to load on the "smoke" the tears start streaming. Luckily, there are specific eyeliners out there that can help when you want to dramatize your look by tightlining dangerously close to your eye.

Tightlining is the technique of lining the inner rims of the eyes with eyeliner (via Byrdie). Irritated watery eyes and struggling to keep your liner in place, doesn't have to be the norm. The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a safe and worthy eyeliner for the job of tightlining is the shape and age of the tool.

Look for an eyeliner with a more rounded tip to avoid getting poked, and definitely don't use an old one that you found at the bottom of your makeup case and had to blow the dust off of. It can be dried out and force you to press harder on the rim of your eye than necessary (per The Cut).

It's all about finding the right formula

You should also be aware of what formula you are choosing. Look for an eyeliner that is specifically designed to be used on the eye's waterline (via The Cut). Sultry lined eyes often call for a layering of the product. You can choose any formula that works best for you, though gel is recommended as it rolls on gently. And some pencil or liquid eyeliners cause makeup-destroying eye irritation (via Byrdie).

To keep the look from turning into a hot mess, you may also want to choose a waterproof formula. "A gel waterproof eyeliner applied with a synthetic brush is best for executing this technique," explains makeup artist Camille Thompson referring to tightlining. Adding, "It's guaranteed to last and it's very gentle on the eyes, avoiding tension to the eye area. Using a waterproof liner also ensures that it won't smudge or bleed," she says (via IPSY).

An alluring dramatic eye can put almost anyone in the mood to go out and enjoy the evening! We wish you luck on your next attempt. And hope that you find both the right tool and formula that will hold the dramatic look in place until the end of the night.