How To Never Lose A Sock In The Dryer Again

You go in your drawer to start your day and find some socks and there's never a matching pair. Perhaps you're folding laundry and notice the number of socks to put away is odd rather than even. Socks are missing. Socks are always missing. They seem to mysteriously disappear in one place — the dryer. But what if you had a way to never again lose your socks in this seemingly-innocent household appliance.

No, socks do not mysteriously vaporize as they're washed and dried. In fact, some socks get lost before they even make it to the dryer, according to Today. Sometimes socks end up in that thin space between the metal walls of the washer and the drum where the clothing spins on a top-loading washer. On a front loading washer, socks can get wedged by the rubber door gasket.

In the dryer, socks can get wedged by the lint trap, reports The Sock Drawer. But there are ways to keep socks together throughout their journey from feet to laundry, so you never lose just one member of the pair again.

Always have a matching pair of socks with these simple 'tricks'

One of the simplest things you can do to make sure one sock doesn't go missing while the other sock remains lonely in a drawer is to pin a pair together as soon as you take them out of the package to place them in your dresser, advises HuffPost. Then, pin them back together as soon as you take them off and place them in the hamper. That way, they go in the washer and dryer together. Remember, it's easier for one lone sock to fall between components of your washer and dryer than two socks together.

If you don't want to bother with pins, simply place all your socks in a mesh laundry bag. The bag can go right through the washer and dryer with no damage and all your socks stay in one place via an inexpensive purchase.

You can also have a separate hamper just for socks so they all stay in one place before laundry day. Then, you just do a sock wash once a week and keep track of them better (via HuffPost).

It all may seem like a lot of work for items that go on your feet, but not having to constantly go out and buy a new pack as your socks vanish could make the money saved worth it.