The Best TikTokers To Follow In 2021

TikTok has become the biggest short form video platform, with users creating inventive ways to use it every single day. The app hosts food trends, makeup tips, song covers, and so much more. This year, some of the most popular trends on the platform include teachers employing it to make teaching from home more fun, a comparison between your 2018 self and your present day self to see who would win in a fight, users showing off that they got vaccinated for COVID-19, and Asian-American and Pacific Islander individuals rising up against hate.


Because its videos can be consumed in such a short amount of time, TikTok users are able to digest a lot of content very quickly, which in turn means they're able to find new content creators easily. Because of this, TikTok possesses a wide cache of popular creators, and for our intents and purposes, we're going to discuss creators outside of the most followed people on the platform, which includes Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio.

This TikToker spreads love through food

The first person you should be following on TikTok, if you're not already, is none other than Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown). Tabitha Brown, also known as the "world's favorite mom," is taking over slowly but surely, and you've probably even seen one of her videos on Instagram or TikTok before. She's someone that's immediately recognizable; she's charismatic and charming, and her voice is like a lullaby. We wish more than anything that she would read us a bedtime story every night. 


On her TikTok, Brown shares lifestyle content, including food and beauty videos. She's a vegan influencer, so her food videos will often be vegan recipes or will show her trying a new vegan substitute or hack. Brown's beauty content showcases new vegan, cruelty-free hair and skin products. Sometimes, Brown takes to the app and just tells her viewers that they are loved, which is the best kind of content. She's down to earth, and she makes you feel seen and appreciated in each video.

This TikToker shines through by just by being himself

Now that you've got your food videos covered, why not follow someone for their relatable content? After all, there is nothing better than watching someone who overflows with personality and friendship. This is why you should follow Tyler Gaca, who goes by the name @ghosthoney. His videos are comedic in nature without being over the top, reflecting his rather chill persona. Moreover, his videos range in relatable content, from internal monologues to talking about his plants and questioning why he has to pay taxes. We love to see it, honestly. 


No matter the content, Gaca's videos simply put a smile on your face and make your day brighter. Plus, it never hurts to have some queer representation in your feed. Gaca is simultaneously the person you always wished to be and how you see yourself, and following him will only increase your daily serotonin.

This is the TikToker who will give you your daily workplace comedy fix

Finally, now that we've got our zen content from Tabitha Brown and Tyler Gaca covered, let's go for a full-fledged comedy account. For this, we're turning to a user by the name of CorporateNatalie. Her bio reads, "Corporate America by day, aspiring Tik Tok star by night," and this shows in her content. All of Natalie's videos center on the workplace, whether it's mocking an obnoxious coworker or dissing on icebreakers. Let's face it, we all hate icebreakers at work and school, and Natalie poking fun at the common workplace practice makes it that much better. 


Natalie is hilarious, and part of why her videos are so funny is because they're relatable. We've all had weird workplace experiences or, for example, felt passive aggression from a boss. What Natalie achieves through her videos is a critique of contemporary workplaces shrouded in comedy, and they act as perfect stress relievers — think of her as "The Office" in 60 second form. Her videos make you feel seen and understood while making you laugh, and there's nothing better than that.