Mercury Retrograde Starts Again On May 29: Here's How Air Signs Will Be Affected

On May 29, while the United States will be busy celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, the universe at large will have other plans. Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th, and for those who believe in astrology, this is traditionally the start of a period of time full of technological glitches, communication hiccups, and travel confusion (via Readers' Digest). "The modernized, technological world is very dependent on Mercury," Astrologer Emily Ridout explained to the publication. "Ours is a culture of hyperconnectivity and hyper productivity," she said. As such, during Mercury retrograde, it is common belief that where it comes to communication of all kinds, whether personal, commercial, or technological, Murphy's Law applies (meaning, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong).  

So while we can all expect to feel the effects of the potentially-haywire energy of this planetary alignment, how it will affect us as individuals will vary. One way of determining what we can expect is to pay attention to how this Mercury retrograde is expected to affect our astrological signs. If you're an air sign (a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), read on.   

How air signs will be affected

Because this retrograde is happening in your sign, Gemini, it could greatly affect the way you express yourself to those around you (via Bustle). Don't fret or fear, but do take extra caution with the words you use and be intentional with the messages you are sending. It could be easy to accidentally send mixed messages or unclear signals, so just pay close attention to detail and ensure you are saying exactly what you mean as clearly as you can, both professionally and personally. 

Libra, this retrograde affects your travel plans (via Cosmopolitan). If you must travel during this time, make sure you seriously have all your ducks in a row. Double and triple check departure times, print backup tickets if yours are digital, etc. Further, if you are a student, especially if you are taking a course online, make sure you not only have that syllabus virtually memorized, but check your class announcements and email several times a day, as many things will be changing and shifting, so missed deadlines are very possible if you aren't diligent. 

Aquarius, this retrograde is likely to affect your romantic life (via Bustle). This is not the time to take a major step with regard to a relationship. In other words, if you're considering moving in with someone, breaking up with someone, or committing to someone, it might be smart not to jump headlong into those decisions until after this strange energy has passed, as things that are begun during a Mercury retrograde usually aren't built on solid foundations and don't have staying power.