The Next Mercury Retrograde Is Coming Up: Here's What You Need To Know

When a planet is "retrograde," those who believe in astrology say the powers that the planet represents feel haywire down here on earth. Literally, when a planet is "retrograde," it simple means that it appears to be traveling backwards in orbit (via Star Child). While it is in fact moving in the correct direction, its relative position to the earth and other astral bodies make it look backwards. Even those somewhat unfamiliar with the concept has likely heart folks complaining when Mercury is retrograde, as it is particularly adept at interfering with communication, travel plans, paperwork, and other detail-oriented business. 

Currently, all planets are direct and have been since mid-February, which means we have had a long period of forward motion in our lives, and we've likely all felt the energies working on our favor to spur us on toward our goals as spring has sprung (via Well and Good). So we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all the planets can't stay direct forever, and our next mercury retrograde is coming up in late May, specifically beginning on May 29 and lasting until June 22.  

What to expect in the next Mercury retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde more often than any other planet, and that is one reason we hear so much about it (via Bustle). Another reason is because of its infamous effects on our day-to-day lives; anything administrative or requiring the sharing of information can feel very bogged down when Mercury isn't direct; frustrating experiences abound in both personal and professional lives during this time, and you're often likely to hear someone cursing the poor planet and its power to disrupt things. 

If during late spring your electronic devices begin acting up, don't be surprised. Try to breathe through the frustration and know you are far from alone. Similarly, it is wise to avoid signing important documents during this time, and if important paperwork must be taken care of, take extra care to ensure you know exactly what you're agreeing to. Exerting a bit of extra effort to ensure you are communicating your own expectations, needs, and intentions during this time can save you some headaches. Proactive rather than reactive is an excellent way to approach the upcoming Mercury retrograde to ensure slightly smoother sailing with fewer surprises. And at the very least, take heart in knowing that Summer will kick off with Mercury straightening out again, so those beach plans should be a go!