The Truth About sMothered Duo Karla And Rykia

If you've ever felt as though you have struggled to set boundaries with your mother or daughter, watching an episode or two of TLC's "sMothered" is sure to make you feel a bit better about the tight relationship you both share. According to TV Insider, the television show follows mother-daughter duos who share a relationship that is far too close for the comfort of viewers. In past seasons of the show, "sMothered" has followed mother-daughter duos who go on double dates together, sleep in the same bed, and even share a bath together on occasion. The third season of the show, which is set to premiere on May 31, seems to involve mother-daughter relationships that are even more uncomfortable than those mentioned previously. 

The upcoming season of "sMothered" features mother-daughter duos Amy and Carina, Karla and Rykia, Lisa and Lauren, Sunhe and Angelica, Kathy and Cristina, and Dawn and Cher, according to Discovery. Amy and Carina are so close that they swap panties, sleep in the same bed, and share a generally unhealthy attachment with one another that eventually leads to issues in both of their romantic lives. Lisa helps her daughter, Lisa, conceive a child with her wife by actually helping her with at-home insemination. And, though the season has yet to air, Karla and Rykia's relationship is already making headlines for one particularly strange reason.

Karla and Rykia share a very strange relationship

Karla and Rykia, a mother-daughter duo from Alabama, are extremely close. Aside from Karla loving to "meddle" in the lives of her children (she also has a son named Rasheed, who appears on the show), the pair admitted to regularly giving each other Brazilian bikini waxes. "My mother and I have been waxing each other for quite some time now," Rykia said in the teaser trailer for the third season of "sMothered." Karla's meddling eventually catches up to her when it is revealed that her son, Rasheed, has put off introducing his girlfriend to her for the past nine months because he doesn't want her to compromise their relationship, according to Discovery. As it turns out, this fear might not be so far outside the realm of possibilities. According to Daily Mail, after Rasheed finally introduces his girlfriend to his mother, she brings up the fact that she and her daughter give each other Brazilian bikini waxes. "You would never ask your mom to wax your butt?" she asks in one scene, according to Daily Mail.

The third season of "sMothered" will premiere on TLC on May 31.