The Most Attractive Men's Hairstyle Revealed

Throughout the years, there have been an array of men's hairstyles, which have, at different times, been trendy and been viewed as attractive. 

In the 1980s there were perms, followed by frosted tips in the 1990s. Then came the grown out look, the surfer style, and, of course, the man bun. Recently, more shaved heads have been seen, and this is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Barbers were shut down, many did not feel comfortable giving themselves haircuts, so getting rid of it all was a go-to option. Even Justin Bieber, once known for his shaggy and shiny head of hair, recently showed off a buzz cut on social media

Out of all the styles and cuts that are available for men, though, which ones are considered to be the best and the hottest of them all? We surveyed 687 people in the United States on this very topic, and the results are in. 

The top answer for the best haircut for males came in with over half of the total votes

A tapered cut, with longer hair at the top and shorter hair on the back and sides of the head (via Hairstyle Camp) received 20.23% of the votes for most attractive men's hairstyle. Since it has been seen on celebrities such as Zayn Malik and Channing Tatum (via Men's Hairstyles Today), it is easy to see why this choice came in with such a high percentage.

Next up was a high bun, with 8.88% of the total votes, and it was followed closely by loose twists, at 8.73%, which are great for textured and curly hair, as reported by The Trend Spotter. A pompadour hairstyle had 7.71% and came in last. This style includes lots of volume up top, which can be swept to the side or the back (via Bespoke Unit).

According to the results, the most attractive cut for men is a standard one! Described by MEN Hairstyles World as regular, clean, average, short, and professional, this option is made up of short sides, a short back, and a little bit of length left on top of the head, and it received 54.44% of votes for most attractive hairstyle for men.