Here's When You Should Really Be Using A Hair Mask

Your shower may be filled to the brim with different shampoos, conditioners, skincare items and more. But, there's always room for one more thing: a hair mask. Leaving your tresses silky and smooth, a hair mask is worth giving up a few extra inches of space. However, it's important to learn how to use your product for best results.

Healthline notes that most hair masks work best on damp strands that have been washed already. But, if your mask mainly consists of oil, applying it to dry hair may be your best bet for absorption. Take a look at the back of the bottle to check the ingredients before you put it on. Otherwise, if you're making your own, take note of the different processes for each type of mask.

The outlet suggests breaking long, thick tresses into sections to ensure the most effective application by getting it into each area. For oilier hair, apply the mask from the middle of your strands downwards so as to not spur more oil production. Finally, run a wide-toothed comb through the entirety of your mane to ensure even distribution of the product. Put a shower cap on or use plastic wrap to cover the whole thing and then wrap a towel around. Helping your strands absorb the benefits of the mask, this step generates a small amount of heat while keeping your clothes safe from any drips, the outlet explains.

Apply your hair mask before you condition

While different hair health enthusiasts have varying opinions on when is best to apply your hair masks, a common consensus is to use after shampooing and before conditioning. UK website, Superdrug explains that shampoo opens up the cuticle, meaning that the nutrients in your mask can more easily absorb into your strands. Plus, the bonds between cuticles can quickly reattach themselves with the shaft opened up during the treatment.

Conditioner seals the cuticle as a way to moisturize and reap the benefits of your wash. If you apply a hair mask after you condition, you'll be layering on top of a closed cuticle, nullifying the positive benefits of the treatment. 

Furthermore, the outlet contends, those with thin or straight hair should only use their masks up to twice a week, as to avoid weighing down your strands. However, those with curls can use their masks as frequently as they see fit because this type of hair tends to be much more coarse. Just make sure to rinse the treatment out completely, which can be difficult due to their heavy concentration. You may need two or three full rinses before your hair is free from the product.

Either way, it's best to wash your hair in the shower straight away, add your mask before you condition and let it sit for the appropriate amount of time. Your strands will definitely thank you.