The Blemish Concealing Trick That TV Makeup Artists Swear By

You turn on the television and every woman who appears looks absolutely flawless. Ultimately, you know that can't be real and is just the allure that the screen provides. No person can really have perfect skin at all times because we are just human after all. Makeup artists help perfect a star's look with the right amount of contour and color, but an actor has to have a blemish or two pop up at some point, right?

Makeup artists have been a staple of film and television production sets since Hollywood's beginnings, taking cues from theatrical makeup artists. Studio lighting and film distorted some colors, so over time, television makeup artists had to adapt, according to Film Reference. The first well-recognized makeup artists were Max Factor and George Westmore, with Max Factor developing his own line of cosmetics still sold in stores and online in 2021. Today's television makeup artists have developed their own tricks to make stars look their best every time they're in front of the camera, and they have one blemish concealing trick that they swear by.

This is how television makeup artists cover up flaws

While we all remember our teenage days and using every trick in the book to try to conceal a breakout, adults can get blemishes too. In fact, as of 2019, 15% of women suffer from adult acne, a condition caused by changes in hormone levels that can take place throughout life (via Everyday Health).

Professional makeup artist Rebecca Perkins, who has helmed the makeup room on such shows as "30 Rock" and "Law and Order: SVU," always makes sure her stars look their small screen finest by using just the right concealer to hide the blemishes all of us suffer from every once in a while. Luckily for all of us, she shared her secret when it comes to perfecting the skin. 

"Make sure you use a concealer that exactly matches your skin," Perkins told Byrdie. "With a brush, place it on top of the blemish and blend out. Then using a shadow brush, press well-matched pressed powder flat onto the blemish. Keeping it matte will reduce the texture of the pimple as well as the discoloration." If you're really feeling self-conscious about your breakout, think about using a green color corrector to help combat any redness. Now you know exactly what to do to tackle that breakout and put your best face forward.