Everything To Know Before Getting A Spot Perm

If you or anybody in your house has curly hair, you likely know that the curl pattern is not always the same throughout, even for the curliest hair. You probably know your curl pattern, but you might have an area with a different curl or none at all. In fact, Hair Romance confirmed that some people could have curly and straight hair at the same time, with different textures showing up in other areas, which is normal. Your curl pattern is based on genetics, and the gene that causes curls is not always thoroughly dominant. 

If you find yourself in a situation like this with multiple textures throughout your hair, there are a few options. You could try a straight perm to help smooth everything out, but there are some drawbacks, and you might want to keep your curls. Another possibility is a spot perm to make everything more uniform throughout your mane. It sounds like a no-brainer, but there are a few things you need to consider before asking your stylist to roll up and spot perm a portion of your hair, according to Byrdie.

Here's the key to getting a successful spot perm

While a perm may seem out of style these days, if you have multi-textured hair, getting one might help you get the type of uniformity you want for your 'do. Briana Dunning, a hairstylist specializing in body wave perms at STRIIIKE Salon, explained the concept to Byrdie. "Often, people with curls have multiple textures to their hair, including entire sections that can be entirely straight," she said. 

Of course, ensuring that the permed part of your hair matches up with the curl pattern in the rest of your mane might be complicated. You need to discuss the situation with a stylist who has experience with perming hair like yours. There are several considerations, including where you need the additional curls and what size rods to use to achieve the gorgeous curls you want. Mateo Lara, a hairstylist specializing in multi-textured perms at Salon Benjamin, noted that "you'll end up using whatever your stylist sees to be fit for the hair type" (via Byrdie). As with other types of perms, when your hair grows, your roots will likely need attention. Before taking the plunge, be sure you find a stylist you are comfortable with.