The Eye Priming Trick That TV Makeup Artists Swear By

If you've ever gotten your makeup done or watched tutorials, you've probably heard of eye primer. However, unless you're really into makeup, you might not see the need for the additional product. There are plenty of good reasons to use a good one, though. According to Byrdie, you can't use a regular face primer on your eyes because products designed for your face use silicon, which blurs pores and imperfections but doesn't work for eyes since it creates a slippery surface. 

The purpose of using an eye primer is to extend the life of your eye makeup and prevent creasing and smudging, especially when you're trying a bold trend like halo eyeshadow. Television makeup artists have developed several tricks to help enhance their work and add some staying power (via Byrdie).  Rebecca Perkins, founder of SheSpoke, who worked as a makeup artist for television series like "Law & Order SVU" and "30 Rock" explained to Byrdei, "You know how stars always look perfect even when they're standing in the rain or how there is never a drop of sweat even if they're a cop busting perps in the heat of the summer? Well, that's because every time the director yells 'CUT!' someone like me runs in with blotting papers, sponges, brushes, and various tools to move that hair and makeup back into perfect place." It's not surprising that she learned some longevity tips for eye makeup that you can use at home to help your hard work last all day.

Here's how to make one product do double-duty for your eyes

One nice thing about Rebecca Perkins' experience with television makeup is she learned how to make products do double duty. Using one product for multiple applications will help cut down on the clutter in your makeup bag while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of priming your eyelids before you apply your eyeshadow. "When starting your makeup, prime your lids with a great concealer. Not just any concealer will do. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ($28) is the best I have found to even out the lid and give shadow something to stick to so it will stay all day," revealed Perkins to Byrdie. She also explained how she tested the product on an actress. "I once did a test on Mariska [Hargitay] where I only primed one of her eyes. By lunch, I had to completely re-do the eye I left unprimed while the other was perfectly intact!"

Don't forget to use the concealer as a primer under your eyes if you plan to use color under your eyes as a liner. While you can make eyeshadow pop without a primer, you run the risk of creases and smudges. This simple trick will help your shadow stay where you put it, so it'll look as excellent by the end of the day as it did when you applied it.