Everything We Know About Jasper Healing Crystals

Whether you've heard it from your neighborhood yoga teacher, a green juice-chugging influencer on Instagram, or from Gwyneth Paltrow herself, you've undoubtedly learned a thing or two about the healing powers of crystals. Each crystal is said to have its own type of positive influence over your life, ranging from money and financial success to romance and protection. While evidence doesn't exactly prove that crystals actually possess these qualities, many swear by the effectiveness of healing crystals and the peace that they bring. If peace is what you seek, then jasper might just be something you want to keep on your nightstand, just in case.

Jasper is often covered in spots and boasts an earthy color palette, inspiring a connection to nature when viewed. Though once considered a highly-valued gemstone, jasper is inexpensive today and can be found all over the world as well as in the western United States, (via Minerals.net).

Jasper is pretty to look at and easy to find, but what, exactly, does it do?

Different colors have different healing properties

According to Charms of Light, jasper is the "supreme nurturer." This is to say that jasper stones promote balance and make room for relaxation and tranquility in the face of adversity. Also encouraging honesty with oneself, jasper is a great stone to familiarize yourself with if you are in need of a period of self-reflection.

Jasper comes naturally in several colors, each with their own individual meaning under the umbrella of nurturing and calmness. Black jasper is a protective stone said to relieve pain in the stomach and feet, while black veined jasper boasts a striped pattern and offers stabilizing qualities. Dalmatian jasper features a light brown hue spotted in black, and it's the ultimate stone for self-reflection, as it offers a clearer view of its holders strengths and weaknesses.

For ultimate physical healing, green jasper is the way to go. It is said to promote clear and healthy skin as well as address issues with digestion and the immune system. Ocean jasper offers similar healing qualities, as it eliminates toxins and allows patience to grow. Zebra jasper allows for similar clarity, allowing the holder the motivation to see things through as well as compassion and understanding for others.

Jasper works well with other crystals

Many forms of jasper are also believed to protect from larger scale environmental factors (via Charms of Light). Yellow jasper and red jasper's main healing qualities are protection against environmental pollution and radiation. Picture jasper inspires environmental awareness, working closely with the properties of those jaspers that protect against the environment.

With a wide range of benefits centered on peace, calmness, and tranquility, jasper is a handy stone to add to your collection. It can be used in conjunction with other healing crystals for optimal results, and Crystals & Jewelry recommends rose quartz, aventurine, and black tourmaline as its most potent companions for protection and peace. Paying close attention to your chakras is paramount when using crystals as well, and Crystals & Jewelry notes that the combination of red jasper and green aventurine placed on the throat chakra, for example, can inspire one to speak their truth.

Whether your interest in crystals is highly spiritual or purely aesthetic, a little bit of jasper goes a long way. Next time you find yourself perusing in a crystal shop, pick up one of these earth-toned beauties.