Everything To Know Before Getting A Spiral Perm

You may think perms are out of style, which, in a way, they are. But didn't anyone ever tell you that the 1970s and 1980s are coming back? Disco, baggy jeans, and of course, perms are going to be all the rage. 

Remember Carrie Bradshaw's iconic curls in the early episodes of "Sex and the City"? Yeah, that style — a.k.a the spiral perm — is making a comeback, alongside your classic wavy perm and multi-textured perm (via Byrdie). Voluptuous, thick curls? Yes, sign us up! Spiral perms are achieved through various chemicals (it's a perm, duh) and small rods that curl the hair vertically. "The curls are normally tighter and last longer due to the thinner perm rods used," Mateo Lara, a hair specialist, explained. "This will give a fuller, longer look to the hair."

Your hair must be at least eight inches to receive a spiral perm, according to Hairstyle Camp. Since your hair shrinks when curled, it must have a longer length to it. Sorry for all our short-haired girls out there. But don't fret — you can still wear a straight or multi-textured perm.

These are the other types of perms making a comeback

As aforementioned, a spiral perm is not always an option for everyone, especially those with short hair. However, that doesn't mean you can't wear a perm.

One option to try is a body wave perm, a style that provides more body and texture to your hair. It works for any length type! "Body waves offer a softer, more natural-looking wave," Briana Dunning, a hairstylist, told Byrdie. "It can also provide added texture and longer-lasting blowouts." To achieve this perm, your hairstylist will use a mild solution along with large perm rods. The only downside to a body wave perm is that it doesn't have a consistent effect on non-straight hair. Curly-haired girls beware.

Another option is a root perm, a type of perm that only, uh, perms your roots. (Get the name?) Unlike other perm options, the popularity of a root perm is growing considerably due to it's convenience and lack of hair damage (via Byrdie). It's the perfect style for anyone who has either grown out their perm and wants a touchup or "for someone who has limp hair and needs volume near the base," Mateo Lara, a hair specialist, said.

Perming is so not out of style. If it were, why are celebrities continually perming their hair? So go get that spiral perm, we're completely here for it. Just make sure to take care of your hair, and don't put anything else in it that might make your scalp unhappy.