Are Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatments Really Effective?

Among all the cosmetic procedures available, teeth whitening is a popular choice as it has grown significantly in the past two decades, and surprisingly, up to 90% of patients request tooth whitening services (via PubMed). In a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, participants were asked, what is the best way they could improve their smile, and whiter teeth was the most popular answer.  

Currently, there are many OTC options to help whiten teeth over time, from toothpastes and mouthwashes, to at home whitening strips. Crest 3DWhitestrips for example, offers a guarantee to help produce whiter teeth by removing up to 10 years of staining with two weeks of use. 

Extrinsic staining, which is on the surface of the teeth, can occur from a number of elements, including poor dental hygiene, smoking, and drinking coffee, wine, or soda. Often, intrinsic discoloration, which is below the tooth enamel, is inherited, meaning, you are genetically predisposed to having less bright teeth (via Gateway Family Dentistry).

Zoom whitening treatments offer vivid results

If you want quicker and brighter whitening results, skip the OTC treatments and head to your dentist to discuss the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. According to Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Zoom in office whitening treatments are quick and effective and, although results will vary, your teeth may become up to 10 shades whiter. The dental care provider works with you to attain the desired shade of white, and a non-invasive bleaching treatment typically takes one hour. There is also an option for a take home Zoom whitening gel treatment, which can provide results for teeth of up to six shades whiter after three days of use.

Thantakit International Dental Center reports that Zoom ultraviolet whitening procedures and in home treatments are now safer than ever before, as they have reformulated their gel to be gentler on the tooth enamel, which is especially happy news for those with already sensitive teeth. 

The downside to these treatments is their price range, as the average cost of Zoom whitening treatments are about $500 and generally, cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by insurance (via Consumer Guide to Dentistry).