Here's What It Really Means When You See A Cardinal

If you're a bird-watcher, you may have noticed that unlike many species of birds, cardinals often stick around in the winter, rather than flying south (via Tufts). For this reason, you'll often see them in depictions of peaceful winter scenes on holiday cards and in Christmas scenes. But that may not be the only reason you are seeing cardinals associated with the most spiritual of holidays. While cardinals catch the attention of many thanks to the brilliant red hue of the males' feathers, seeing a cardinal can be particularly meaningful and exciting to those who believe in augury, the act of seeking spiritual signs in the appearance of certain birds (via Britannica).

Understanding why cardinals often call to mind certain themes begins by understanding cardinals. For one thing, cardinals are loyal and often mate for life (via PSU). For this reason, one recurring theme associated with cardinals is romantic love, monogamy, loyalty, and domestic harmony (via World Birds). 

Other meanings of cardinal sightings

For those who believe in bodily chakras, cardinals are said to represent the first three chakras, which are Red cardinals spiritually represent energies that reside in the first the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra (via Crystal Clear Intuition). These chakras control the expression of emotion, matters of the home and hearth, intimate relationships, and passion. Therefore, seeing a cardinal is thought to bring healing and luck to these areas of your person and your life. 

They help you to experience abundance and to feel secure, happy, and fulfilled in your own home, your own circle of close friends and family, and in your own romantic relationships. Cardinals help you to stand strong in your power and your center. 

Many believe a visitation from a cardinal is a sign that someone from the spirit world is reaching out to you with love and reassurance, or with a message you will intuitively understand. This can be a person who has passed on our your angels or spirit guides, depending on your beliefs and what you feel when you seethe bird. Overall, seeing the beautiful ruby hue of a cardinal is understood to be a good sign, and one you can feel positive and optimistic about.