What Does Jessie J's I Want Love Really Mean?

Jessie J is beloved not only by fans around the world but also by other celebrities, such as makeup artist Nikkie de Jager. The belting artist hasn't had an easy time lately, with her being sent to the hospital on Christmas Eve in 2020, for example, but now she's back with new music and is better than ever. Jessie J's comeback single, "I Want Love," released on June 11, 2021, and showcases the singer returning to her roots.


This track exemplifies everything fans love about Jessie J. Her voice is highlighted, the song's production matches its lyrics well, and Jessie J is as vulnerable as ever. This pairing of qualities makes her songs infectious, and "I Want Love" is no different. This track is ultimately a declaration: Jessie J wants what she knows may not be the best for her. It's a gamble, but she knows what she wants at that specific moment. It's this central message that makes the track so relatable. We've all wanted company, and we've all wanted it from people who have hurt us in the past or people we knew we shouldn't associate with. It's because of this that this track connects with the listener so well.

Here's how Jessie J's love life led to 'I Want Love'

"I Want Love" is the lead single from Jessie J's upcoming fifth studio album, according to Genius, and we see why. This track is declarative not only in lyrics but in its tone and mood. It sets the stage for an album that crosses the thresholds of various emotions and welcomes listeners to go through the motions of love, from heartbreak all the way to bliss. She doesn't want any of the trouble that comes with love — just love, which she's going to deliver through her powerful vocals.


According to Capital FM, Jessie J has found love in the form of dancer Max Pham Nguyen. The singer dated "Magic Mike" actor Channing Tatum in stints between 2018 and 2020 but is now settled down with Nguyen, and the two seem incredibly happy. Because there has been nearly a handful of years since her last album, "R.O.S.E.," Jessie J has likely imbued this upcoming album with all of her feelings from her relationships with Tatum and Nguyen. We see this immediately in "I Want Love," which we could see as a transition in her life from moving on from Tatum and falling for Nguyen. This is what "I Want Love" is all about: finding love that, yes, requires work, but which isn't harmful to you.