Loren & Alexei Reveal If They Will Film A 90 Day Spinoff With Their Children - Exclusive

One of the best parts of being a "90 Day Fiancé" fan is getting to watch the show's love stories blossom on its countless spinoffs. And it goes without saying that another perk of following its many success stories is witnessing the welcoming of little ones into the franchise's ever-growing family.

While the cameras were capturing Loren and Alexei Brovarnik's journey back on Season 3, it was hard to imagine then that just over five years later, Loren would be pregnant with their second son. The inseparable pair have gone from waiting for K-1 Visa approval and a risky bachelorette party to gender reveals and coordinating matching family Halloween costumes. The new parents, who welcomed son Shai in 2020 and are now expecting another little boy this summer, just debuted in the newest series of the franchise, "90 Day: Foody Call" which began streaming on discovery+ in May (via People). 

The List sat down with Loren and Alexei over Zoom — with Shai even making an adorable appearance on camera — and we couldn't help but ask if they'd ever do a spinoff with their children one day. We figured if Loren could manage to film "Foody Call" while pregnant, she'd be up to the challenge!

Loren & Alexei have no plans of retiring from their 90 Day journey

When they were asked if a spinoff starring the entire Brovarnik brood was in the realm of possibility, Loren did not seem opposed to the idea. "I mean, one day. Why not? It's always crazy here," she said. "Who knows what's gonna happen right? From your mouth to God's ears."

Loren and Alexei considers themselves fortunate to have such a loyal legion of fans from the franchise. To show their appreciation for their "90 Day" family, the thought of a new series to showcase their everyday life seemed to be a no-brainer for them. "... Not just for us, but for them. They love seeing Shai, I mean who doesn't? And let me tell you, they probably can't wait 'til he becomes a big brother," Loren said. "So you know what? Why not show the realness?"

And even Alexei, who at first was not completely on board with being the subject of a reality TV show, has come to embrace the experience, and even welcome it as part of his life. "It used to be so difficult for me to be on camera and stuff... But now, I go with it," he said.

The reality couple knows not to always take fans' parenting advice

The new parents — who dished on the positives and negatives of sharing their lives on TV — do agree that one of the cons is definitely getting unsolicited advice and judgments. The lovebirds explained that viewers think they know everything going on in their personal lives just from seeing snippets, and don't hold back on weighing in. And when it comes to fans' comments on their parenting skills, the couple has learned that they can't take them to heart. "I think the best advice is don't take people's advice and do what's right for you... If it's working for you and the baby and your family, then that's the right way," Loren explained. "Best advice. Don't take no advice," Alexei added. 

The dynamic duo, who will soon be on double diaper duty with baby number two joining their clan, definitely seem to have it all figured out when it comes to raising a happy family. We can't wait to watch them welcome a new #babybrov to #teambrovarnik. And if the powers that be at TLC gift them with a spinoff show, we are here for it!

"90 Day: Foody Call" is currently streaming on discovery+.