The Most Important Tarot Card For Every Zodiac Sign

A tarotscope is a horoscope that is read through the lens of tarot. According to Two Wander, this can provide individuals with a deeper level of insight. Additionally, Alex Caiola, an astrologer and tarot reader, told Well + Good that "cards serve as archetypes that help us understand central themes, transits, and people in our lives." That being said, find your zodiac sign below to discover your most important tarot card, as stated by

An Aries is all about loyalty, making this sign's card The Emperor, who is always there when needed. A Taurus' corresponding card is The Hierophant. This represents searching for the truth and learning important life lessons.

As someone with a dual nature, a Gemini's card is The Lovers. They weigh all available options carefully and try to follow their hearts when making decisions. The Chariot is linked to any Cancer out there, with a focus on a steady course, no matter what comes your way.

Each zodiac sign is related to a tarot card

A Leo is synonymous with the lion, as well as with the Strength tarot card, while a Virgo's card is The Hermit. This is all about slowing down and searching within oneself.

The sign associated with fairness is Libra, so it makes sense that the card here is Justice. Scorpio's card is Death, and it is all about transformation. For instance, a Scorpio is indeed like a snake, shedding skin and starting anew, which adds mystery to these types.

A Sagittarius corresponds with Temperance, since this sign and this card are both centered around being aware and being a mediator. For any Capricorn out there, turn to The Devil card, in order to recognize negativity through shadow work, and then turn it into something positive. The card of an optimistic Aquarius is The Star, as they tell themselves and others that anything is possible. Finally, there is a Pisces. The tarot card for this sign is The Moon, due to a Pisces' range of emotions that are tied to nature's cycles.