Here's What You Can Skip This Year While Spring Cleaning

As the weather warms up, chances are you will try to take advantage of the changing seasons to get your spring cleaning checklist accomplished. According to Country Living, shining everything until it's spotless each spring originated centuries ago with roots in religious and cultural traditions. It's the time of year when all things become new, and there's something about it that probably makes you want to refresh your house after a long, cooped-up winter. While there are some things you should never skip, Good Housekeeping revealed a few tasks that are probably on your spring cleaning list that you can cut or put off until a different season. 

One surprising thing that made the list of things you can skip is cleaning your oven. While you can't put the chore off forever, you can wait until the weather cools down and you're using it more. During the spring and summer, chances are you use your grill or make meals that don't involve heating the oven during the hottest parts of the year. Because of that fact, you can hold off on cleaning it until the fall.

Here's how to skip these spring cleaning tasks

While you should always clean the outside of your windows during your spring cleaning, according to A Crazy Family, if you run short of time, you can skip washing the inside. Good Housekeeping noted that the outside of your windows gets the grimiest, so that's where you should focus when your ability to clean is limited. In addition to skipping cleaning windows, you probably don't need to take down your blinds and wash them in the bathtub. Instead, regularly clean blinds with an easy blind dusting glove when you vacuum and dust your house. 

Another task more suited for fall is cleaning your fine china and silverware since you usually use those items during the holiday season. Summer entertaining is likely more informal, and chances are, you'll use everyday tableware, which makes spending the time cleaning your formal dishes wasted since they'll get dusty before the next time you're ready to bust them out for a gathering. Finally, instead of taking apart your chandeliers and light fixtures, consider a long-handled dusting brush. The brush removes cobwebs and surface dust, giving you some time before a deep cleaning. Plus, you use your lights less in the spring and summer since the days are longer. 

While spring cleaning is an excellent time to deep clean the easily overlooked areas of your household, if you're short on time, you can prioritize which tasks are essential. Don't let it be a source of stress.