The Drugstore Primer That Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By

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Doing your makeup can be a challenge, especially if you're a newbie. Makeup tutorials on YouTube only get you so far — learning your face shape and which products work for your skin is an experiment. But luckily, learning tips and tricks from makeup artists can surely help the journey along.

Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles spoke to Byrdie and revealed the best products she uses for any face. One product that everyone should use, Stiles said, is the Hylamide Finisher HA Blur primer. Not only is the product from the drugstore — which means it's more affordable — but it also works well for the summer.

Any makeup wearer knows that finding a primer for the summer (so your foundation stays on your face without sweating off) is one of the biggest challenges. Luckily, this primer has just the right formula that works for any skin type — normal, dry, and oily, according to the product's website. Plus, it pairs well with any foundation, blurring and smoothing out facial lines without creating a silicone layer (via Byrdie).

The Hylamide Finisher HA Blur primer has rave reviews

The formula of the Hylamide Finisher HA Blur primer is unlike any other product, according to the product's website. The outlet informed that, unlike other primers that use older silica technologies, the Hylamide Finisher primer is made out of a new form of hyaluronic acid, which gives the primer its blurring finish. The formula is the first of its kind — no product has used hyaluronic acid as a blurring powder before. So, not only is this product revolutionary for makeup use, but it is also a game-changer, laying down the foundation for future primers!

Thus, it's no wonder that this product has rave reviews and is one of makeup artist Fiona Stiles' staple products. It can blur, prime, hydrate, and smooth your skin — no matter its texture or type. And ... it's affordable? Honestly, there's no product like this.

If you're ready to begin your makeup journey, start off by using the Hylamide Finisher HA Blur primer. And, while you're at it, use the Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara as well. Stiles, among other celebrity artists, recommended it (via Byrdie).