The One Hair Product That The Modern Family Makeup Artist Always Used On Sarah Hyland

"Modern Family" was a major moment, both for the culture at large and everybody involved. A peerless ensemble cast including Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Ed O'Neill, and Sofia Vergara brought to life characters that gradually felt like our own family members. Over 11 successful seasons, the show brought laughs, love, and life lessons to our screens and, when it was all over, hearts understandably broke across the globe. Still, thanks to binge-watches, we never have to really say goodbye. 

Sarah Hyland began her "Modern Family" journey as a sweet-natured teenager. From 2009 until the show wrapped in 2020, the actress grew up in front of our eyes, emerging as a stunning young woman in her own right. She'll probably always be associated with Haley Dunphy, considering it was her breakout role. Luckily, the character was known for looking fierce and fabulous at all times. If you're wondering how Hyland's tresses always seemed so perfect, her hairstylist has revealed all. 

Sarah Hyland's gorgeous on-screen hair was thanks to these choice products

Hairdresser and makeup artist Jessica Elbaum has worked extensively on shows including "Entourage," "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and "Harry's Law" (via IMDb). She also, obviously, handled hair on "Modern Family." According to New Beauty, when it came to ensuring Sarah Hyland's locks were camera-ready, Elbaum utilized Hair Rituel Precious Hair Oil, noting it's "perfect for smoothing dry ends and taming fly aways." The experienced hairstylist also shouted out Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, for "maintaining volume and that perfect under-done look." Since "Modern Family" ended, Hyland has focused on embracing her naturally curly hair, somehow managing to look even more gorgeous in the process. 

In an interview with Bustle, the actress shared that she uses Magic Myst Universal Elixir as a leave-in conditioner to "rejuvenate" her curls. Hyland enthused, "If they're starting to look frizzy or tired, you just put it in and scrunch it, and it's like a brand new you. And I'm telling you, it smells amazing." Likewise, DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler helps "define and de-frizz my curls." The "Modern Family" breakout also suggested sleeping with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf, to further protect it. On her approach to beauty and self care in general, Hyland told Marie Claire simply, "Invest in yourself, and it will spread to every aspect of your life. If you have self-confidence and self love, the only way out is up."