Why Some People Are Getting Foot Injections

There are many places in the body that you may require a needle or injection for beauty or medical treatments, including acupuncture for stress management, filler for plumper lips, a cortisone shot for pain, or Botox for wrinkles and fine line minimization. Although needles can be a bit scary, injections for cosmetic procedures are on the rise, and people are injecting more than just their faces.

Fillers and Botox may be in high demand for cosmetic purposes, but there is buzz surrounding injections for medical uses as well. Botox is being widely used for migraine management and excessive sweating, and fillers are used in dissolvable stitches and now for certain kinds of pain.

Board-certified podiatrist Johanna S. Youner, founder of the Park Avenue Podiatry Center of New York, is one of many doctors using injections to treat medical conditions. Dr. Youner utilizes the most innovative and safe treatments, including Botox and fillers, to help those living with medical conditions in the feet. 

Foot injections can help ease pain in the feet

According to WebMD, as we age we may lose some padding on the bottom of the feet, which can cause pain in the heel and ball. While orthotics or even surgery can help with certain types of pain, Dr. Johanna S. Youner suggests JUVEDERM injections for her patients who live with chronic foot pain. The Park Avenue Podiatry Centers website states that fillers can "provide cushioning for the balls and heels of the feet and to treat many types of foot pain."

The fillers are said to protect the soft tissue, nerves, joints, and bones of the feet from injury and stress, and with little downtime, more people are choosing this non-invasive option. The treatment can also help with corns and calluses. In addition to filler, Dr. Youner uses Botox injections for excessively sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis), and a homeopathic injection treatment called Traumeel for injuries and pain management.

While these non-invasive treatments are appealing, most insurances do not cover them, and unfortunately, they are pricey. The Botox is $2,500 per foot at the Park Avenue Podiatry Center and the JUVEDERM is $1,000 per syringe.