This Is Your Favorite Way To Spend A Night In Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who doesn't love a cozy night in? The thing is, it doesn't look the same for everyone: some of us live for an evening spent on the couch binge-watching Netflix, others seek out a good DIY project to fill the hours, while still other people need a bit more adventure (even if just at home). All of us crave something different from a night spent indoors, and believe it or not, your favorite activity may be tied to your zodiac sign. While homebody Cancers are astrology's go-to for everything comfy, and Libras often need a couch buddy, each sign's favorite home activities can look very different. 

Don't worry if your zodiac sign's favorite night-in doesn't exactly match your preferred activities, though. This is all in good fun, after all. But don't be surprised if you're also described to a T. Read on to see just how accurate your night-in predictions are!

Favorite night-in activities for earth signs

Taurus are the quintessential earth sign, finding pleasure in making art, planting, DIY-ing, cooking -– anything that connects them to their senses. Reliable and practical, a Taurus' fave night in is spent with a partner (or new fling they're already envisioning the rest of their life with), discussing the beauty of the world around them, cooking a hearty meal, and cleaning up together afterward while dancing to Motown, via Your Tango

Virgos are the zodiac's analysts, truly most comfortable working, bettering themselves, and being practical (via Allure). While not always the life of the party, Virgos are seriously admirable for pushing themselves to be healthier, more knowledgeable, and even kinder. This sign's ideal night in is spent coming back from a run, soaking in relaxing bath salts, reading up on their favorite subjects, and cooking a super-clean supper.

Lastly, we have Capricorns, the disciplined, responsible sign of the zodiac, who gives the rest of the signs a run for their money (literally). This sign will allot just a certain amount of time for relaxation, and that's okay -– they certainly make the most of it (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). A perfect night in is spent making a healthy dinner for their friends and family, spending quality time with them, and then going to sleep early so they can be up for their 6am spinning class.

How air signs like to spend their nights in

Aquarius — the zodiac's idealists, the ones who are all about loving their independence, helping others, and basically saving mankind (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). While Aquarians tend to be a bit unemotional, they still dislike loneliness -– and hate being bored. For Aquarians, a good night in is spent inviting a couple close friends over to make dinner together, with extra points for farm-fresh fare. Then, talk about world issues, play Cards Against Humanity, and go to bed by 11pm.

Ah, Geminis — the twin sign, known for being both ready for fun and thoughtful all at once (via Allure). Always ready for a new activity, Geminis have short attention spans and want to try everything all at once. Curious to a fault, you'll likely find a Gemini ranting about "The Bachelor" on their hilarious Twitter feed, texting on their group chat, researching intellectual subjects online, and reading a new favorite book. That, or inviting a whole group of friends over for all-night conversations.

Libras are enriched by spending time with others, always looking for the balance of another person (via Allure). Love, art, discussions, and material things are what drive Libras, so they will prefer inviting a few chosen friends over for a salon-style dinner party, followed up by intellectual games, and yes -– with their S.O. (or a new love in their life) by their side.

Water signs love these night-in events

For Pisces, a night spent at home has to be creative -– and solitary. Although this sign is actually very friendly, they are introverts at heart, with a major intuitive, gentle, and artistic streak (via Allure). Extremely sensitive, a Pisces' ideal night is spent on their bed listening to their favorite record, writing poetry, or thinking about their beloved –- maybe even mapping the stars.

Cancers are loyal and empathetic, known for caring for others and loving nights at home (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). This water sign loves cuddling up and watching a rom-com, either with their significant other or their whole family. Cancers will prepare the popcorn and revel in relaxing with their inner circle.

Scorpio, the sign with an undeserved bad rep, is different from what many expect. They're interested in authentic friendship, honesty, and passion (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Scorpios can also be a bit manipulative and love being right, so their perfect night in is spent debating with a friend or partner (one true friend or long-term relationship is where it's at), and talking about hidden truths. This sign also loves getting the scoop on a friend's new fling, and will be an impressive social media sleuth (with some wine, obviously).

How the fire signs of the zodiac love spending a night at home

Next, we have Aries, the most fiery sign of them all (sorry, Scorpios!). A fire sign to their core, Aries are passionate, super-confident, and moody, and believe they can do anything they set their mind to (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Although Aries are first in line for any club appearance and live for sky-high heels, they also need time to unwind. Find an Aries spending a night at home in a tie-dye sweatsuit on their couch, half-watching Netflix, editing a photo for the 'gram, and planning their next big business move.

Leos are a whole other ball game: these natural leaders are the life of the party and live for luxury (via Horoscope). Just like lions, Leos love being treated like royalty, but are generous, too. Find this fire sign either inviting a big group of friends over for a theater-style movie night with caramel popcorn, or getting treated to a massage by their S.O. (Leos will return the favor!).

Sagittarians are fire signs, but place their burning desire in a love for travel, idealism, and the outdoors. If they have to stay at home, they'll love watching a nature documentary or laughing with loved ones before they go off to a new adventure. This sign hates feeling constrained, but will happily spend a night with a partner who is just as freedom-loving and hilarious as they are –- who also suggests a midnight snack-run to boot, per Your Tango.