The Genius Trick To Make Your Makeup Last Through The Summer Heat

Summer has seemed to come out of nowhere this year. Maybe it's just because of the pandemic and its ability to warp time, but wasn't it just last summer? Regardless, summer and its heat are back, and with places opening up, it's time to get your makeup brushes ready. There are ways to ensure your sunglasses don't alter your makeup, and there are products and routines specifically designed for summer. But sometimes, we still need some extra tips to make sure our looks last through the day. 

Good Housekeeping provided several key tips to maintaining your looks all summer long. After all, you spend a lot of time on your makeup, you don't want to see it go to waste. They recommended starting with wearing less makeup in the summer. Instead of wearing many layers, you can wear concealer wherever needed along with a tinted moisturizer. Nixing foundation means there's no reason for it to drip off. It is also recommended to not use shimmery products. These will make you look sweaty and too shiny, rather than the pleasant dewy look that you're undoubtedly going for. 

This one product will keep you locked and beautiful all summer long

While we'll take any tip we can get, perhaps the best tip is simply to use primer every day this summer. You can get away with not using primer during other seasons, though it's certainly beneficial to use it all year. But in the summer, it can be the difference between a porcelain look and a clown look. Good Housekeeping explained that a good primer can lock everything in and keep your face fresh without being heavy. This works twofold if you subscribe to the idea of spot concealing rather than using foundation. This will alleviate your face of so much product, causing it to sweat less and thus keeping your makeup in place. Primer plus concealer really may well be the secret to summer.

The Cut explained that this is crucial for the eyes as well. If you don't prime your eyes, you risk the chance of your eyeshadow running and creating unintentional, messy looks. You don't want to risk raccoon eyes or multi-colored drip marks down your cheeks.

You finally want to make sure to moisturize. This is another practice you should do all year, but it's especially important in the summer. Healthy skin will behave the best for you.