This Pantry Staple Will Have Your Hair Shining In No Time

In the age of DIY beauty and natural self-care ingredients, it's easy to get confused with which one works best for hair, nails or your skin. However, a simple rinse made with a pantry staple may be the haircare treatment you've been missing.

Doing a hair rinse is incredibly effective and works similar to a hair mask. When you add rosemary, your rinse can leave you with shining locks that look healthier and grow faster. According to Mindbodygreen, this herb was clinically shown to have hair-growth effects that mimicked those of ingredients in conventional hair growth products. In fact, rosemary's compounds help reverse male or female pattern baldness caused by androgens. So, when you add it to your routine, you could be reaping these benefits for yourself and watching your hair multiply. 

While some dermatologists refute these benefits, others tout rosemary's antifungal effects as worthwhile. If you're suffering from dandruff or other issues with your scalp, the herbed rinse may be an effective treatment as well. Lastly, a potent carrier of polyphenols — antioxidants that help protect the skin from damage and repair your cells — rosemary can help keep your mane strong and sleek, the outlet reports.

Make your hair rinse with rosemary sprigs or rosemary oil

When it comes to making your own beautifying rinse, it may be easier than you think. Mindbodygreen recommends starting with five sprigs of fresh rosemary and five cups of water. If you want to make more or less, just follow this 1:1 ratio. Bring the water to a boil and let the rosemary fully incorporate for 15 minutes. From here, the outlet notes, let it sit for 25 minutes, strain, and then store it in jars or containers. It will last for up to three months.

Style Craze suggests putting your rosemary mixture into a spray bottle to quickly spritz on your mane following your shower. Or, you can run the mixture through your tresses after you've washed and conditioned; let it sit and rinse after 20 minutes. Instead of using real rosemary sprigs, you can also opt for a natural rosemary essential oil to do the trick. The outlet suggests using about 15 drops per one cup of boiling water. Whatever mixture you use, make sure to massage it into your scalp to help strengthen and clear the skin. The outlet suggests keeping up with this routine about once a week for the maximum benefit.

A relatively easy addition to your beauty routine, rosemary water offers a plethora of benefits for your hair and scalp. Between its naturally beautiful scent and powerfully anti-fungal properties, a rosemary rinse will give your tresses the TLC they need.