The Best Ways To Incorporate Sunscreen Into Your Skincare Routine

When we think about sunscreen, many of us think about applying it when we're planning to be out by the pool or at the beach. Sunscreen and SPF is a must need when we are going to be basking in the sun and catching some rays, but not many people use it on a daily, more regular basis. Despite the fact that many of us are outside for extended periods of time during the day, like when commuting to work or even walking around, not everyone thinks that those moments require SPF (and have you ever thought that maybe you're picking the wrong sunscreen?). 

Regardless of the season or time of day, experts say that it's important that individuals wear sunscreen on a daily, regular basis in order to protect the skin from UV rays, skin cancer, and aging. Dermatologist Katie Manno said, "You should wear sunscreen every day because when you are outside, you are constantly being exposed to UV radiation. UV radiation even penetrates through the clouds, so yes, you should even be putting on the cream on cloudy days," (via Chicago Tribune). Still believing in some of those false facts about sunscreen? We have all the info you need to know. 

How to easily make SPF a part of your everyday routine

Many people think that adding sunscreen into their regular skincare routine can be tedious and pesky, but there are easy and beneficial ways to work SPF into your everyday schedule. Some makeup products contain SPF already, but experts say that using a foundation with some SPF in it is not nearly enough to protect your skin from UV rays emitted from the sun. Unless you wear an entire ounce of foundation, the SPF won't be nearly enough to keep you safe (via Johns Hopkins Medicine). 

Instead, you can use a liquid sunscreen as a moisturizer to not only keep your skin hydrated, but also protected in the sun. There are dozens of moisturizers on the market that are both hydrating and protecting for all different skin types. For those who have dry skin, you'll want to use a more hydrating sunscreen, whereas those with dewy and oily skin want to avoid any that are oil-based (via Women's Health).

Experts say that if you work inside during the day, you may not need to reapply. But, if you frequent a coffee run or trip for lunch outside of the office, you may want to reapply at least once during the day (via Johns Hopkins Medicine). Keeping a small bottle of sunscreen in your desk at work can make it easy and convenient to keep that face glowing and safe!