Lex Gabrielle

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Queens, NY
CUNY Queens College
Lifestyle, Relationships, Entertainment
  • Lex Gabrielle is a digital journalist with 6 years of experience working for digital magazines and websites.
  • She has previously written for POPSUGAR, Diply, Scary Mommy, Elite Daily, Women's Health Magazine, Pizza Bottle, TFLN, and PuckerMob.
  • Her first book, "Interludes," a short collection of poetry, is available for purchase on Amazon.


Lex has been working in journalism and digital media for over 6 years, after graduating with her bachelor's in media studies, journalism, and English. After college, she went on to work as the editor-in-chief of several up-and-coming websites including Pizza Bottle and Jonathan Cheban's "The DISHH." After leading a team of several interns, she decided to go back to college to become a high school English and journalism educator. Currently, she teaches English, journalism, and creative writing in New York, while writing professionally for The List.


Lex has a bachelor's degree in media studies, journalism, and English. She also has her master's of the arts in teaching adolescent English and a post-master's degree in teaching students with disabilities.
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