The Truth About Too Hot To Handle's Emily Faye Miller

Netflix's reality dating show with a twist "Too Hot To Handle" is back for its long-awaited 2nd season. The series will again follow 10 sizzling singletons as they reside together in sunny paradise and attempt to resist any form of sexual contact with each other in order to protect the $100,000 cash prize (via Cosmopolitan). The lineup of this year's hotly anticipated 2nd series was unveiled ahead of the show's debut, including the London-based Emily Faye Miller. If you'd like to discover more about the "Too Hot To Handle" star, you can find everything you need to know about Emily below. 

As noted on her official Instagram page — which is bursting full of vacation selfies, photo shoots, and snaps from her glamorous day-to-day life — Emily Faye Miller is a model from London and is signed to the U.K.-based modeling agency, FOMO Models.

According to The Sun, the "Too Hot To Handle" Season 2 contestant says she currently has zero interest in commitment and isn't afraid to break a few hearts during her time on the show.

Emily Faye Miller teased what fans can expect from her time on the show

As reported by Bustle, the multi-lingual model also claims to always get what she wants and describes herself as the life and soul of the party. "A little party never killed nobody," according to Emily Faye Miller's Instagram bio.

Elsewhere, in a trailer for "Too Hot To Handle" Season 2, Miller says, "Honestly, I should come with a warning sign," offering fans a taste of what to expect from her stint on the Netflix reality dating show. 

In addition to Miller, the 2nd season of "Too Hot To Handle" will feature contestants from all around the world. According to The Sun, the 1st season of the streaming hit regularly topped Netflix's most-watched list, and, although Season 2 will follow the exact same format, filming of the new series moved from its original location in Mexico to the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands in the Bahamas.